When did?


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This question was posed on another web site. Perhaps somebody here can answer it form please.
when did Passing out Parades become Passing in Parades?
I am well aware of the the "thinking" behind it. I would just like to know when, not why.
It's the same thing MGM. To everyone else on the parade ground it's Divisions, to the class passing out (and their families) it's a POP, although for the purists, Divisions is when the Captain inspects his ships company ;)


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I think I had one of each during Phase 1. 'Hell Day' was the Friday of week 3, when you got tested on all the stuff they had taught you that far, i.e. Bends and Hitches, Drill, Rounds. This concluded with a Full Divisions, during which, if you made the grade as a division, you then passed 'into' BRNC, and proved you were higher than pond scum and worthy of further investment. Sometime later, I got to kick the steps and pass 'out of' BRNC, and an illustrious Naval career moulding the minds of the young.


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I always thought they should do the hokey-cokey on on the order "Divisions, Fall In".

That way, any under-employed senior officer wishing to make a name for himself gets his wish on what we call it.

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