when did we lose our Reserve shoulder flashes?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Robbie8666, Jun 14, 2011.

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  1. I was looking through some old pictures the other day and realised we weren't wearing our "Royal Naval Reserve" shoulder flashes but i cant date the pictures!!!

    anyone remember?
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  2. I have not seen any wavey navy types since the mid sixties. probably all gone now
  3. The officers were the last to lose them from memory; it was something to do with drawing attention to the fact that they were reservists and they wanted to blend in more with full-time counterparts.
    I can't remember when they were dropped, but I do remember my headline: "Rs end for reservists". Amazed I got away with that one :D
  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    As with oh so many things with the RN, a great deal of huff and puff was expanded on this subject over the years, and once the change happened, no one really noticed the difference and just got on with the job...
  5. thanks Soliel,
    To be honest I was on an FTRS contract at the time & I never had a RNR flash sewn ont to my uniform so it came as a shock to the regulars i was working alongside that i was a reservist they just thought it was odd that I never got drafted !

    We were all so professional! and probably more so now
  6. I love being a CCF officer,wavy navy goes ace with my dolphins and medals!
  7. As Barney has said, all Sea Cadet/CCF officers are still "wavy navy".
  8. "and they wanted to blend in more with full-time counterparts."

    From my perspective, it was more that the powers that be wanted reservists to visually blend in. I was always very happy to wear a great big "R" on my shoulder and I often miss it.
  9. I sometimes miss the old sh*t deflectors.
  10. deflectors or magnets? Saw irrational/blinkered examples of both in my time which was why their demise was no huge loss.
  11. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    My view is simple - if we want to be part of a professional service, and be seen to deliver something of value to the Regular RN, we needed to grow up, stop trying to blame failings on 'oh but I'm part time' and stop hiding behind the 'R' flashes.
  12. Agree 100%
  13. So instead of saying "sorry, I'm part time" we instead should say "sorry, I've only received training in my specific role and my experience is best measured in months rather than years"? Is that more acceptable?
  14. If that's the approach you feel is appropriate then dig out but bear in mind the only people who never make mistakes are those people who never try to do anything. In your civvie job are you never faced with new challenges? When you do face new challenges do you start the job by saying you don't have the experience so it is probable that you are not going to be able to do it? I hope not!

    Alternatively you just crack on with the job and if you do it well because of the naval/specification training you have received combined with maturity, experience and capabilities brought from your civilian background then you are valued as a capable individual. If you cock up then you won't be the first (Reserve or Regular) and you work on getting it right next time.
  15. You'd be a damned fool (and a danger to yourself and others) to not say that you don't know how to shoot a rifle/fight a fire/stand watch/etc/etc until after you'd screwed it up.
  16. Too true Oppo..., to many jacks of all trades and masters of none, around today. Make one cockup at hands to flying stations, and it could be your last:shock:
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  17. If its safety critical one should say "I am not trained in that, but I am willing to be trained", but if the bullets are flying and there is a wepon free I will not be hiding behind a lack of training.
  18. And what the hell has that got to do with whether you are a Reservist or not?

    I would seriously question the sanity of a senior rate or officer who lurked a gash hand roaming around the upper deck and said "righto matey - down the engine room with you and stand watch" or, "off you go to the Bridge and drive the ship for a pair of hours", or "the surgeon is having his scran so we need you to do an emegency appendix removal" - when you deploy you do so with expectations of what your duties are likely to be and the receiving unit will also have expectations of what you can do and if that includes shooting a rifle you should expect to have received training to do so (or you can't even draw the damned thing from the armoury), ditto fire fighting, ditto watchkeeping etc.

    Whether you are regular or reserve the expectation on both sides is the same and if you are lurked for something outside your specialisation then the onus is on the deploying authority to check first that you have the competence to perform the duties.

    If you have experienced something vastly different then I would like to know what bloody navy you are from.

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