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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Chicogiz, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. What do you guys/ladys do when bored? Im bored out of my head. Ive been looking for a job, but aint got one. I go out running do my press ups etc and still bored. So what do you guys do?
  2. Surf the net and come on here.
  3. Volunteer work.

    Boredom endex.
  4. Try to plait jelly.
  5. Look at porn on t'interweb, and rip the head off it 'til it bleeds. :p
  6. What others have said GAMBLE

    JOIN each Roulette and bingo site, and you get the first £20 free

    Just REMEMBER this is just to get you addicted, so ONCE YOU HAVE WON
    foxtrot oscar and NEVER go back and I mean NEVER it is a loser situation
    but take it for what you can and ignore the emails

    MY SON INLAW inherited £380k he had lost the lot in THREE MONTHS along with the house the car and his wife and kids

    My daughter and grandkids have gone from SUPER home and Gucci clothes BMW to shacked up with us, Oxfam clothes and bikes

    Jack McH
  7. My girlfriend became unemployed a week last monday. She now has three job offers and an an interview for another. What's your issue?
  8. Perhaps he hasn't been as fortunate as your girlfriend.
  9. I don't think it's got to do with fortunes, it's to do with how many jobs she applied for, and applying for jobs that she wouldn't normally want to do because of necessity.

    I believe chico was accepted into the RN so is just waiting to start sometime in the future. If I were in that situation and I couldn't get a job I wanted I'd be applying for McDonalds (or similar) who, unless they'd sacked him previously would certainly take him on.

    This was a good show, I felt: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/benefit-busters

    Of course, he could live in the arse end of nowhere and not have this option, but there will most certainly be voluntary things around he could (as has been suggested).
  10. Read numpty posts, boredom cured. Will to live lost.

  11. I see the recession, and rising job losses nationwide have not caught your attention yet.
    I know lots of genuine people who have worked hard all their lives who now are unemployed and can not get an interview let alone a job.
  12. i don't believe there is a single person who is fit and capable of working who could not get a job if they had no objections to where it was and what is was.

    Sure, there aren't enough jobs for everyone right now, but there are jobs, and any one individual can get one. Some places (such as McDonalds or Dominos) constantly have adverts in their stores for new staff. The buses round here all have adverts for bus driving jobs (fully paid training).
  13. with respect thats bollox, i feel 4 youngsters today, any driving job you need to be at least 21 due to insurance purposes and as mentioned above most dont even give em the courtesy of a reply
  14. Well if you wish to work for McDonald's at minimum wage feel free, but with a mortgage and a young family many could not afford the experience.
    In the West mids, unemployment is a massive problem at present.
    I am off work due to me being made unable to do my job.(My employers assessment not mine)
    I cannot get unemployment pay because of my pension, so I sign on for my stamp. I meet loads of people desperate to work, and see their disappointment when they get a refusal after an interview.
    My local job centre is recruiting for staff though, sign of the times.
  15. Maybe she has! Ive had loads of job offers and then someone else got the job. She also has experiance which most jobs want, remember im 17 and aint had a job yet! I was in 6th form. Its a bit strange when even managers of shops cant find even a job as a shop assistant or something so its not just me.
  16. I bet your girlfriend is far more shaggable than Chicojiz :p :oops:

    Tits get jobs :p
  17. Also TimeToJoinUp. Try apply for MacD's. Its not as easy as you may think! Ive put about 20 application into different store ( Most be considered, and not chose ). The reason for this is people are losing jobs like this, and are trying to find anything, so im up against people who where manager etc applying for MacD's just cause they want a job. See i dont mind what the job is, just aslong im doing something while i wait. Ive now volunteered for a job which i have done on other jobs before. A while back i applied for the RNLI, but they dont need anyone. Now i applied to help some old man to fix his fence etc on his farm haha.
  18. Make things inc.
    Feathery things for your cat to play with.

  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...glad to see you're keeping busy, RC. Hope the exams went well!
  20. Rosie's quite correct. You could clean the house every week and do the cooking, washing and ironing so your mum can relax, whilst at the same time you are housetrained ready for the Navy. How your messmates will love you when you arrive and show your fellow nozzers how to look after themselves! Before you know it, the Chiefy will have promoted you to Leading AB and then you'll reach the dizzy, exalted hights of AB Instructor! :p Sewing all those badges on to your uniform will be such good practice. You could become a Savile Row tailor when you retire from the Andrew at the age of 44! :D

    When you grow up Chico, you could take up photography, honing your Uckers skills, trapping on run's ashore and Grippo Runs, and Rosie might want a Toyboy in later life....... :lol:

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