When at sea...

What do you like to recieve In a parcel?

Sending one next week, just woundering anything specific?

or useless?

or that he needs? (unfortunatly If I went In a box I think customs would deport me)

or wants?

or suprises?

any help would be apreciated :)
Porn if the reciever is Male. Always goes down well in the mess.

Handwritten letter is something I always liked. (Mind you e-mails only just really came in last time I deployed)
Already sent 3 letters! None recieved yet, think I did something wrong on the front to be honest!

Receiver is male,

so no photos of me then, will they be shared to!?
Photos are nice.

Sweets (I think)

Magazines .................... ones he can share around (yes, I know, I know ..........). I'm thinking Top Gear and ermm perhaps Nuts and the like.

Nothing which takes up loads of space because he hasn't got much.
Well I think his mam said she'd do mags and I just do other tit bits, wish I'd picked mags now would have been far easier, few car mags, zoo, nuts, and few bike mags.

Now I'm stuck with basically sending him a box of sugar!

Goin to get few photos printed of last weekend together & probs write another letter In there aswell !

Maybe a little card or something?

ahhhh I don't know!
I'll probably get loads of flak for this but, if you wear a particular perfume, spray some on a tissue and put it in one of those plastic bags which can be zipped up or snapped shut.
like just sweeties !

I dont really just want to send him all sweeties,

got a cheapy mp3 player with "our songs on" (probs get flack for that to)

Awh no thats a nice idea, but I don't really have a smell?!?! Just my shampoo and face wipes but sure I'll thinkg of something for that !
Well he got one actually I just thought, scratch that comment!

Yeah quite a while i forget they sit in a post box over night haha!

Hes not a football lad like, he's a car and motorbike man!
witsend said:
Is this secret code for a lesbian affair, letters & sweeties, at sea? I'm Ok to watch ladies, no touching rule? :wink:
You really are thoroughly bad and totally incorrigible, Witsend.

I'm so glad you're back. :D
Locks of Hair*.

Choose the site of your various donations and add the question "Where from?"

That should stir his hormones - But DO NOT send anyone else's hair!!

Why not? Well, if you were to collect every known example of Lord Nelson's locks then together they would reach around the world to Trafalgar and back three times!!!!

*PS Remove head lice/dandruff/any crabs etc. first - He will probably have those in abundance already.
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