When are the periods of which Royal Marines start training?

I'm 17 and after finishing my A-levels early next year I'm hoping to join the royal marines.

I've started running/going to the gym every day (although I've heard its bad to exercise every day?)

Anyway, I was wondering when the 32 weeks training actually starts?

Thanks alot.
I imagine it'll be after you've done PRMC and then got accepted for entry after having done your Aptitude test(s), medical, interview and so on. Some lads I know of going for the next entry and going through the recruitment process are doing PRMC in January, probably aiming to enter mid-March?
Ninja-Stoker will probably be in possession, as usual, of all the facts. Otherwise use the "search" function and have a root around inside the RM/RMR forums and the multitude of threads which may touch on, cover or explain the issue you've raised here.
Oh, and just to throw a spanner in the works; have you considered going for officer with your academic background?

Hope this is of some help/use,



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Re: When are the periods of which Royal Marines start traini

Hello Callum, Welcome to Rum Ration

Royal Marines (Other Rank) entry dates are usually every couple of weeks.

From passing PRMC to starting Recruit Training , depending on the time of year, is usually between 4 to 8 weeks.

You would be advised to start the selection process at your local AFCO sooner rather than later so as you get the ball rolling. You would particularly benefit from attending a Royal Marines Acquaint Day if there's one available in your area, so as you can identify which areas of fitness you need to focus on at the earliest opportunity. It's unusual (although not impossible) to process anyone from the minute they submit an application form at their AFCO to starting Recruit Training in under 3 months.

Dates for 2008, so far (bearing in mind entries can be changed/added/removed):

14 Jan
28 Jan
11 Feb
25 Feb
10 Mar

Exercising most days is positively encouraged if you want to have a realistic prospect of passing PRMC- as long as you take a rest day per week.

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