When are Flying Aptitude Tests usually completed?


Hello, in the next couple months I will be submitting my application for Aircrew Officer Pilot and was wondering how long after would my FAT's take place? Also are there any other things I should start to prepare for?


I know it is very difficult, also if you get to professional training and fail are you allowed to move to another department e.g. warfare


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As soon as you pass the initial recruit test we bid for a place on FATs as Pilots are a recruiting priority for some reason, dunno why.

Oh yeah, the aircraft carrier thingy, that'll be it. Funny how we keep getting caught out by these things. For example who'd have thought making several hundred AETs redundant would have a far reaching impact, eh?

Anyway, there's a bit of a wait for FATs, think it's as much as about 9 months. Be aware, for aircrew any prior history of asthma is a no go.

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