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When are Flying Aptitude Tests Usually Completed?


Hello, in the next couple months I will be submitting my application for Aircrew Officer Pilot and was wondering how long after would my FAT's take place? Also are there any other things I should start to prepare for?


Hi there TechFin,
Can't speak for a 'usual' time - but my date for FAT is mid-January (14th I believe).

If you get your application in sharpish you might get in that cohort, but your odds are very slim. Need to do a psychometric test and informal interview first. If you miss January, it may be a while before the next.

This might not be the best forum for this anyway, ask in the 'Navy Recruiting' forum or ask your AFCO, they'll know more.


Amusingly i took FATs at Cranwell 2 days after you posted this thread!
I completed my application and had it sent by late August. Over a month later i was called upon to take my psychometric testing at my local recruitment office. Once i had passed that i was told my Liaison Officer would get in touch, and a week later i spoke to him. He then put me forwards for FATs which i then took about a month later.

Having unfortunately failed it, i was then told to retake a year later. So all i say is be glad you will probably have a while between now and the FATs.

I recommend for the best results, practice arithmetic and also remaining calm under pressure.

If you end up passing, i believe you take a second medical for Air Crew, then you go to AIB after meeting your liaison officer in person and if successful with that he will recommend you to the AIB.

Hope all goes well,



I started my application in September, did the recruitment test in October, medical in November and sat my FAT’s at the start of December. Like The Mau5e I had about an month’s warning before I sat my tests.

Really practice your mental arithmetic, SDT calculations and don’t get flustered if you make a mistake. Oh and take your breaks, it’s a long old day.

Good luck!
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