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When and how is the RFA medical administered?


There was a post back in like 2014 asking when the RFA medical takes place. The answer was after the interview at HMNB Portsmouth. Is this still the same now in 2018? Or will the medical take place during the interview?

Also from the 2014 post, I understand I'll have to arrange the medical myself rather than the RFA? (I had a medical for the Royal Air Force last year but they arranged it for me, I just attended).

Would I contact my GP for the ENG1? Also on the .gov website it says it costs up to £80, so would there be a fee?

I'm sorry about the amount of questions, it's just I'm struggling to find answers, even on this website! I haven't even gone through my HMNB interview yet, it's coming up. But I want to be prepared and informed just incase everything goes well!


War Hero
ENG 1 questions have been asked and answered ad nauseum. Your GP may not be MCA approved. Those who are charged £80 this time last year, the price is set.

Being prepared has its merits so it may interest you to know that Captain’s epaulette boards cost about £100 a pair.


Eng1 list of doctos available online. Medical is one of the laat parts of process. As long as you’re not massively obese, or ill then you’ll pass. They discuss any medication you’re on, do a hearing test, check for hernia and thats it


War Hero
As long as you’re not massively obese, or ill then you’ll pass.

You can ‘pass’ but have a colour vision caveat: ‘not for look out
duties’, ‘not for working with coloured cables’. A chronic medical condition may attract an operating area restriction. Any of the above- although paraphrased - may play havoc with employability.

I’m neither a recruiter nor a medic.
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