When a ship or submarine has

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Morty, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. when a ship or submarine comes back from there deployment which the website says usually the deployment is between 6-9 months at sea, how many months is the ship or submarine stay at the dock for is it just the six weeks or is it more thanks 6 week thanks
  2. I give up :?:
  3. go to your careers office PLEASE!!!
  4. yaaaaaaaaaaazooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  5. If they said theres 6 weeks paid leave whats that mean? It says what it is! not hard.
  6. i know it might sound stupid but i was just wondering what the navy guys n galls would be doing when the ships or submarines come back
  7. ..... before you edited your post I thought it was a quiz.
  8. paid leave means like any other job you book time of and you get paid for it not sure if its the same in the navy though someone can confirm it
  9. we go out on the streest of plymouth and portsmouth and press gang as many reliefs as we can...

    then we go nack and wash the tar off of our rig and tend the rope burns on our hands..

    one thing is f'sure, I will slay down any frenchman I meet..
  10. I will make sure I drink from a glass bottomed tankard if i ever revist Pompey.....
  11. That made absolutely no sense! Your replies are more confusing than the original post :roll:
  12. Well if the navy said theres 6 weeks paid leave, Then thats what it it is. Not hard to figure out is it?
  13. Are you for real?
    Naw I guess not your taking the wee wee surely.
    You get six weeks paid leave a year. You take leave as detailed or can be spared.
    I guess that doesn't answer your question but.......................
  14. what so its just 6 weeks holiday or is there extra when the ship or submarine come back, sorry about the confusing post
  15. C20


    I think he wants to know if the 6 weeks leave you get is in addition to the time in port?

    I'd have assumed that the 6 weeks you get have to be taken when back in port as I'm assuming you can't very well take leave when on deployment?? Though I stand prepared to be corrected :)
  16. when I come back from a deployment, I tend to get down town to pleaze da wimminz
  17. doesn't the whole ships company. :twisted:
  18. so is there extra holidays when back from deployment on top of the 6 weeks holiday
  19. I will not bite...I will not bite....I will not bite 8O
  20. its just a simple question dont get scared pal

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