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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by geoffg, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Just got a flyer from the council telling me that the wheelie bin will be emptied every two weeks from July 2nd instead of every week.
    What to do with the blank week bin full of rubbish has me kinda worried. How do others manage, I know its happening elsewhere already
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  2. Don't worry, pretty soon the rats will help you out ;)
  3. There's gotta be legislation somewhere regarding rubbish disposal with fear of disease and other problems associated with such time between collections . Maybe health regulations even the authorities own laws may give some indication of requirements with rubbish and health hazards . Far too long for rubbish to remain un-collected . Do some homework maybe consult a solicitor through the rate-payers association but don't let the bastards bully you . It is common sense that rubbish should be cleared at least once a week . Ask them for advice and what they do with their refuse , give 'em heaps .
  4. Wouldn't be so bad if my local dump was not in Cowdenbeath.
  5. Geoffers

    We have two wheelie bins in Havant, one for recycling, one for other gash. Between the PO Stoker and I we manage to fill the recycling bin to the top and sometimes overflowing and we also take glass to the glass bins at the supermarket.

    We then allow ourselves only one bin bag of gash each week, our bin would take four if you squidge them down. There is a nasty pong (but that might have been Nutty_bag when he was doing an OP in the bin) but every so often we disinfect the bin.

    Learn to recycle, be environmentally friendly and do not read the Daily Mail - they are stoking it up. If you are really good, get a compost bin and recycle your veg scraps and tea bags. It does work if you are prepared to go green.

    Do it and save the planet!
  6. I'm a big composting fan - 3 bins on the go at the moment. You don't need to take it to this excess. You'd be amazed what you can compost that isn't food too (egg boxes, newspaper, grass clippings) so really reduce your other rubbish

    please get in touch if you want to discuss further

  7. Rosie dear,

    I think Geof and I must live quite close to each other as we start the 2 week thing on the same day. In making this change we have no additional recycling facilities, they stopped building our new recycling facility because the incompetant twits planned to build it on lamd they didn't own. Me driving a 10 mile round trip to visit our nearest sensible recycling facility unless I have a full load is not actually saving any one anything, and for me any way the place is not on the way to anywhere I am likely to go so no opportunity dumping every one is a special trip. As it is one needs a wall planner to work out the days they collect waste paper and garden waste and now we have a new 2 week cycle for our main rubbish.
  8. We also have a small blue bin for cardboard and paper and a brown bin for grass and stuff from the garden. We stillhave the grey/black bin full every week and I sometimes go to the tip with a couple of bag fulls.
    Th excuse is that its european legislation. - Recycling.
    Personally, I think it will encourage fly-tipping, which is already quite popular in Fife.
    By the way, the council tax went up again this year.
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  9. And I bake my egg shells and crush them for use as snail and slug deterent - they do not like the sharp sensations.
  10. Yep, but why the pic of Wogan??
  11. Because I am a TOG!

    Oh good grief Geoffers to try to keep up, dear.
  12. Wot's a tog
  13. Going off on a bit of a tangent here, I'll admit, but I never saw the point in fly-tipping. I think often its just as much effort to take the rubbish to the side of the road and leave it then it is just to drive it to the local council dump and leave it there. Both are free its just that the former is illegal. So maybe they're both not free because if you do get caught fly-tipping its a £5000 fine.

    With regards to recycling I think its a good idea to be more environmentally friendly. Its a pain at the time to have to sort the rubbish, and taking the recycleable gash to the centre is an unpleasant chore, but its not as unpleasant as what will happen when we run out of landfills to bury it all in. Although perhaps we could use some of the old coal mines?

    Coming back to the subject of wheelie bins, our area is atrocious for its waste management. Residents aren't issued with wheelie bins and if anybody wants one they have to buy there own. But because the dustbin vans consequently aren't equipped with wheelie bin emptying racks, the residents have to remove the bin bags from their bins and leave it on the edge of their property. The dustmen cannot do it lest they hurt themselves.

    As you can probably now imagine, the residents in my area leave out the bin bags on the edge of the road where the rats and cats rip and tear the bags, and rubbish is littered across the place. Rats have proved an increasing problem recently with my next door neighbours with an infestation and this has spread along to the next house along.

    Thank God I will not be living here for much longer!
  14. Excuse me but surely this topic should be in the Gash Barge.
  15. Tired Old Granny! :tongue3:
  16. Rubbish
  17. I remember a Government Minister, Des McNasty (something like that) on Radio 4 about a year ago denying that we had 2 weekly collections, saying the household waste bin got emptied on alternate weeks.
  18. Wheelie bins should hold rubbish for two weeks[for the average household] that was the idea when they first came out. Designed in case of emergencies ie bin cart breaking down.

    Of course we have the self brigade scuttering about they should be emptied over Christmas. Same types have never been away from their families at Christmas time.

    Take the packaging out of your freezer and your freezer is empty.

    In Ireland you pay to have your bin emptied but do not pay general rates or even water rates. You recycle more paper cardboard tins bottles all go in the same bin for recycling. Asked in the hometown in the UK about there prospects about collecting same. We are looking at this in the future, Pathetic!!!

    You pay fifteen euro to go to the dump in Ireland silly thing is this also includes grass clippings etc. For me it should be free to stop fly tipping mind it is free in the UK and still they fly tip.

    Pic shows a full load tipped probably a skip driver who pocketed the cash.

    There is an attitude in the UK that the wheelie bin should be cram packed every week probably another street cred thing.

    I do know the giant tip at Warrington can be seen for miles with the methane burners lighting the horizon. When I worked on conservation there many moons ago it was given a life of thirty years. Hard to believe that six hundred wagons a day are enetering that site. And the life span has decreased. Baby disposabal nappies are a great landfiller.

    Maggie had the great idea of taking the rubbish from New York City. Locals had another idea :threaten: Power to the people!!!

    When eventually full the methane will power a small power plant for many a year. But for now it is just lighting the sky.

    Landfill always end as landraise. What was once a hole is now a hill.

    Councils are take take take. Give us the money now piss off.

    The landfill tax that is paid everytime a bin cart and other vehicles enters the sites goes towards conservation work. So when you think what a wonderful govt we have for doing all this conservation work it is actually coming from the council money. Your money!

  19. Back packer 1
    Please send me the bike as I need it for spares, if anyone else asks tell em I saw it first :lol:
  20. Afraid it is all gone Slim thanks to the power of the email the pic was sent to the people who get things a moving here is a diff pic[see above]. Showing the rolling scenic setting ideal for rubbish dumping.

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