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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by stan_the_man, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Passed by Wheelers on Saturday afternoon - feck me it was closed!!! it used to be heaving especially Wed night when the Devonport good time girls came over for pound a pint night or when the footie or rugby was on live tv.
    Since Charlie flogged it (for a very handsome profit) its gone right down the pan and Torpoint is dead as a Dodo these days.
    Too old for Harbour Lights but suspect it has suffered a similar fate.
  2. Ah the Memories
  3. Closed as in shut down for good Stan?
    Or just for refurb?
  4. Just no one uses the place anymore beers to expensive and I suppose pubs always go in and out of fashion but it was such a great meeting place. Been pissed there more times than I care to remember
  5. Apparently (scran/NAAFI queue rumour etc), it's up for refurb. Going to be something like a Wetherspoons/Yates' type place when/if it re-opens. :pissed:
  6. Wheelers update - It has been purchased by an ex-submariner and his business partner (Bar Mez) and after a re-fit will be reopening towards the end of March 2012. This is a gen' dit as I am that submariner : )
  7. Do you need volunteers for 'basin trials' mid March ?. . :brushteeth:
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  8. Watch this space! Obviously there will be Harbour Inspection before the trials!
  9. Standing By.
  10. I was once thrown out of Wheelers because my oppo was throwing darts at people.

    Will you be allowed to throw darts at people in the new Wheelers?
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  11. Quick history being a Torpers local, Charlie White (ex bandie) bought wheelers for a song back in 90, refurbed opened it up alongside the Harbour shites, made an absolute killing by selling cheap beer to get Jack in. Kept it for about 15 yrs, sold it making a mint and the shites to Newcastle breweries. Obviously now not being a freehold, couldnt sell cheap beer, therefore no reason to go in there, locals deserted it, Jack decided that Plymouth is a better night out, Wheelers closed about 6 months ago. It has now been bought by the owner of Bar Mez along with Bert from the Jubilee who will reopen it in the new year.
  12. lol just read previous posts, doh!
  13. Probably not but the dwarf throwing competition is always popular, or should it be Cornish pixie throwing. probably a non starter though seeing as Raleigh is a ghost town, and the locals stay indoors molesting each other kids.
    Unemployment in Torpoint area over 40% dodgy time to be trying to open a pub.
  14. Aha Stanley,

    But can you overcome your ostensible hatred of us nasty, scruffy submariners and help a poor fellow-RR'er along by partaking of liquid refreshment at the aforementioned licensed establishment yourself?

    To be on the safe side - probably best not take along your lovely daughter or wifey just yet though. Let the Slate build up a bit first.:slow:
  15. Can I still smash part 2 trainees in the heads?
  16. wish you every success shippers.
  17. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Was that the place where they use to let you out in rig for a few beers towards the end of training?
  18. Torpoint is shit.

    There used to be an excellent relationship between Raleigh and the local community, but over the last 10 years this has dwindled largely due to the arrogance of the command at Raleigh (fancy that eh?). Urban mythology has it that a recent Commmodore, persec - no names blah blah, but (cryptic clue) '007 starting upside down makes him a bit wet' (4) threw his toys out because when young Abigail or whatever returned from Rodean on weekenders a taxi driver had the audacity to charge her an amount that may keep the poor ****** in business. He (the Commodore, not the taxi driver) then took measures to stop Raleigh sprogdom from drinking in the town by arranging buses to drop them at the ferry rather than the top end of Fore Street, thus negating the chances of them stopping for a 'livener' or three on the way - with the consequent '**** it, let's stay here'.

    I used to be torn betwixt the two, having been a resident in Torpers for some 17 years and dallied a while at Raleigh whilst still in a funny suit and it was all very cosy. When the arms dealers started to take over at Raleigh and it became all about profit rather than the defence of the Realm I started to side more with PL11 community.

    Unfortunately all of Torpoint is now poison. Probably the most popular pub is full of rougues and vagabonds who would slice off your extra finger for the price of an electric green 'shot'. The others include what used to be a decent music/bikery type place that now frequently runs out of whatever wet you fancy - those rare favourites Strongbow and Wifebeater were unavailable this afternoon - and another which was splendid until a few years ago but is now like the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars. Only with a drunker landlady and louder juke box. And weirder inmates. Customers.

    Think I'll move to Luton or Reading or somewhere.
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  19. :-D:-D:-D

    Reading? :shock:
  20. OK. Swindon.

    Hang on, it's not that bad... .

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