What's you're most heroic act ?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Wonderer, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. So come on then everyone; What's you're most heroic act ?

    Mine is saving my younger sisters life when I was 11.

    We, and another group of freinds where messing about in an old church yard one Saturday while my Dad was working on his market stall in Abergele Wales. My sister had decided to step up onto a railing to look over and her foot slipped which led to the railing spike peircing her through the neck. After hearing her screams, I ran over and had to push the oldest lad who was with us out of the way because he was puking everywhere rather than trying to help, and proceeded to lift her off the spike.
    As you can probably imagine, there was a lot of blood pouring from my sisters neck, so I placed my hand over it tightly and literally carried her while running for a good 5 mins back to my Dad who then rushed us to the hospital.
    I remember the Doctor telling my dad the spike was only an eighth of an inch from the artory in her neck.
  2. Well done, and deepest sympathy over the loss of your child.

    I shagged a French Woman once. :oops:
  3. Now that is brave mate. Did she have hairy pits too?
  4. Prabably had a hairy arse!
    eeewwwwww :D

    Oops sorry took too long to type :)

    To the op, I don't think real heroes publicise their acts of bravery mate ;)
  5. Assisted by a freind NB?
    Bloddy hell! - some freind!
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Going sloppy thirds on a huge, fat, sweaty horropig during a runashore in Exeter has got to rank fairly highly on my list. :p
  7. Trapping some crocodillapig so my oppo could have her divs mate! well one day your the pigeon and other days the statue....
  8. Ewwwwwwwww!

  9. With you on that one lamri, go down the local legion and see how many of the old timers are spinning dits of being heroic! those that have keep it in and share it with few close friends, those that haven't spin their dits on here.
  10. Well (I'm waiting for a few laughs here or some comment) - Lived with Ex and found out the scum had slept with a 'friend of a friend'. Argument ensued and I told him it was over, I didn't want the house and was leaving for good. Having had a few drinks that Saturday night and not really getting his head round it, he got a little annoyed, frustrated and didn't land a punch on me so instead punched the plate glass door. He severed his main artery and well, the blood gushed, splatted all over the livingroom...

    I made up a tourniquet but not being a driver, dashed to a neighbour next door and I kept him going until we got to hospital 5 mins later. I knew the ambulance would take a darn sight longer. He had lost 4 pints of blood and next day they operated becasue of the drink that night

    What is amusing is - did I do the right thing helping him out??? Also - in the rush to get to A&E, I forgot to lock the door so when I got back at 4am to a house with blood everywhere, bloody footprints running through the house on the wooden flooring. I just sat and laughed and thought 'christ, if only someone had tried to rob us and walked into this house, they would have thought 'f*ck this! I'm off, there's been a murder!!!!'.
  11. Thread withdrawn.
  12. Sorry mate - Too late; I've already quoted you
  13. Fair enough mate. Just dont see my job and what i do in it as heroic. Which is why i withdrew my thread. :roll:

  14. Personally, I think you're all heroes. I could'nt do your job fella!
  15. :)
    Thanks mate, appreciated. :) :)

  16. I'll second that one :D
  17. Nutty, don't undervalue what we do oppo???
    4 days ago, 78 yo male, GCS8 on entering dept....turns out he has occlusive CVA. We successfully got anti-coagulants into him in time. Huzzah, he has a few more years with his wife of nearly 50 yrs and his children and grandchildren.
  18. Sounds like a good job pinta. Most satisfying job for me is doing a succesful lysis, done 6 now and all alive. Good news.

  19. There you go Nutty :lol: Good skills honey!! Got to say honestly, that despite the desperate things I have seen in my career, it's always going to have to be the positive outcomes that I have to remember!! Otherwise would wind up in a psych ward with MgsSmiley :p

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