Whats you're Granny got in her shed?


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I believe this is so common over here that the bomb squad refer to it as the "Milk Round" as they regularly visit all the police stations to collect ordnance that has been handed in by people up & down the land.

The main principle for the more relaxed approach being that if it hasn't gone "pop" in the last 60 years, nor on it's way to the cop-shop, then there isn't much point speeding to the scene, lights flashing & getting too dramatic about it.

A bit scary when you realise the scale of it. I'm off to tinker with my thermo-nuclear device, more anon...
I worry about Gran sometimes - she keeps disappearing for weeks on end, then she comes back and says she has just defeated the "CyberGollums of Planet Wibble 7 Alpha". (Time for the Rest Home I think). Oh...and her f***ing shed keeps vanishing as well....

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