whats your nickname/callsign

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dabbzie, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. I know its a terrible example but the film Top Gun had loads of nicknames/callsigns

    Pete Mitchell aka Maverick (tom cruise)
    Nick Bradshaw aka Goose (anthony edwards
    and i could go on but i wont embarrass myself (too late) :oops:

    also how did you get yours, you choose it or someone else?
  2. Tommo cos of my surname or Taff cos I'm Welsh or Moose because of the impression I used to do when I was fat
  3. Nobody ever chooses their nickname
  4. Brewery as it sounds similar to my first name and I'm a high functioning alcoholic.
  5. My surname is Jones. My brother who is currently serving as a PO in the navy has been nicknamed Jonah and has been called that since his days at Raleigh. When I have been on board his ship they all call me Baby Jonah even though I am 17 :)
  6. I couldn't possibly mention my former nickname(s) - far too rude for delicate ears on this polite site !!

  7. My surname is the same as a well known brand of oil fired ovens often used in farm cottages. This was abbreviated at school to Ray-bers which in turn became Ravers.

    When I started at Raleigh exactly the same thing happened, people started calling me Ray-bers which soon became Ravers, I figured that since two completely different groups of people had naturally started calling me Ravers it probably should stick.

    I didn't use it as my Avatar on here because I don't know of any other Ravers in the RN and thought it would be a bit obvious. Since most of you fcukers know who I am now anyway, who cares?

    2_Deck_Dash is just one of my favourite hobbies. ;)
  8. Most plebians simply call me "he who shall be obeyed". I'm not that fond of it but it seemed to stick since the last time I had my man shot for failing to mould my beret correctly.
  9. Most of my mates call me "Potter".

    I occasionally wear glasses and used to own a pair with a round frame. One night someone said i looked like Harry Potter and it stuck even though i don't wear them :roll: .
  10. Tim by the Scots for me supporting Celtic which then caught on with other people.

  11. I joined up with a lad who had a giant forehead and massive teeth, he looked exactly like Timmy from Southpark. We called him Tim, obviously.

    He wasn't impressed.

    Not sure where his football allegiances lay.
  12. We must have joined at the same time. :wink:
  13. I got the nickname 'Gerbil' from my days in the TA. Being short and able to run through tunnels while all the 6 footers were crawling was funny though :D
  14. How utterly amazing, should I call my mother in law potter. She does not wear glasses, but she can fly on a broom.
  15. This is really gripping shit 2DD, but where exactly does the cunt bit fit in to all this? :D :wink:
  16. "speccy useless wafu c*nt" seems to be the in vogue name for me on board at the moment.

    I've found my niche in life.
  17. Was known in the Andrew as "Skippy", and later/sometimes "Kimble". :D :oops:
  18. Were you in the Fugitive? :D ;)
  19. Used to be 'Bellyband" when I was in Diesel boats. When I finished Mech's course they sent me Nuclear and I spat the dummy.

    I kicked up such a fuss that my oppo's (all skimmers) started calling me Diesel. This faded away when I got back among my brethren.

    When I left the mob I buggered off to Hong Kong and I was in the pub and this bird I knew from UK long back saw me and shouted 'Diesel' across the pub and now many civvies here still call me it.

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