whats your ideal boob size

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ET(MESM)whogivesafeck, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. as long as their perky I'm happy
  2. Oh! I thought you were a lad!
  3. its better than them being round there ankles (i am a lad)
  4. OMG - you have perky boobs and you are a lad?
  5. [​IMG]

    Er......one on the right of course..but the one on the left will do at a push!!
    (don't you think ETME??) :pukel:
  6. As I was taught by a Sea Dad - anything more than a handful is wasted... !!
  7. Aim for the one on the right, down ten pints and settle for the one on the left.
  8. definitely the ones on the right the one on the left looks like what ya get in Emma's on a Wednesday night
  9. shhh don't tell every 1[​IMG]
  10. nah, the ones in Emma's would have a hairy chest too!!!!
  11. true get sum nice ones down there 2
    squaddy medics from block house
  12. you should know bro--- you trap often enough in there!![​IMG]
  13. What you can not get in the mouth is just a bonus

    Now nipples should be like raspberries

  14. Out of curiosity, did those pictures come from your personal hard drive stripey?

    Under a folder heading marked "conquests"?
  15. FFS Nutty, I thought more highly of you than that. Stop encouraging him. Act your age not your shoe size!
  16. don't know about any 1 else but i don't need any encouragement when tits are concerned

  17. Personal "gronk board" mate...love 'em to bits!! (what ya mean, all four??!)
  18. Fair play matey, any girl who puts a scrubbing brush to her own tits must be a real go-er! :thumright:
  19. These ones. :)

    Not too big and with decent nipples to play with. ;-) :hump:

  20. thats a cracking pair [​IMG]

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