Whats your feedback telling the world.


War Hero
My missus has broken (or to be technical) really fucked her computer, so she has been using mine for a few purchases she has made on eBay.
Because she is (good girl) not into shopping she has ordered a few items from eBay shops.
I get the feedback on my site.
So reading through my feedback over the last few weeks has made I chuckle.
I run a small business on eBay dealing in militaria, medals and the like, in fact anything that sells in that line.
She has bought a Basque, a couple of suspender belts, stockings and other assorted underwear. The dealers love to post your purchases with them in your feedback.
Accordingly I seem to be a vicious transvestite, with a tendency to self decoration, and home improvments. Blimey that's uncanny.

Anyone want their drives tar maced whilst I'm about, or maybe a few pegs.
Well **** ya.:-D