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Whats your favourite socks name?

Lingy and Mazza_Magoo have raised an important question on another thread, about the names and textures of that special sock you (males) took to sea. No not the one that you wore on you left foot dumbo, the other one.

So here goes. What was the name of your favourite sock?
You can add more details about your cherished sock if you wish

Always - this is exactly why I like reading your posts. Every so often you come up with pure genius from the RN Messdeck conversational perspective. BZ mate - almost wet meself!

Particularly liked the warning notice.

Ewk! Was cleaning for C.O's rounds one day, decided to help out in the lads mess, like a good shippers! Anyway, one of the lads kept asking 'where's barney gone', just ignored it, digging deeper into the Jungle mess and came across a sock, jammed down the back of one f the buggery boards. I FOUND BARNEY!

No I didn't pick it up with my hands, used the mauling spike I had, thing was all crusty :D
Well, let's see, there was celine dion and suzie wong
Oh the macho feeling of being a rough tough firefighter in the attack party
Oh the feeling of adrenalin when the fire pipe goes off at 0300
Oh the disgusting feeling of warmth and moisture when you accidentaly pull on someones love sock by mistake...........
I didn't use a sock, I used a T-shirt.

It was given to me by my then GF - it was a promotional T-shirt with the phrase "Naughty But Nice" on the front which was the old Fresh Cream slogan from the '80s - quite appropriate now that I think about it.

Luckily she wasn't connected with the RN so she won't read this and find out what I did with her present.

Didn't have a name for it though.
My favourte SOCs name is.

"Now, time is 0945 zulu SOCs Day Four, Standby to test Main broadcast, General and Chemical Alarms"

SOCS Day Four.....
Thanks SF for your comment - much appreciated. I'm always learning new things about what happens on messdecks and my affection for the RN grows even stronger every day - that advice about what sort of duvet cover Nicholson should take to Exeter had me in tears - just couldn't believe it. Is it really true? (should I start a seperate thread for this?) I thought you all had pusser bedding still!

I must confess to now knowing you could use socks for this purpose - I've been improvising. So I will read your contributions and hope that I can learn which are the best kinds of sock to invest in for maximum pleasure? Incidentally were they washed after use each time or... :roll: yuk... :eek:

I'd also appreciate any suggestions as to what I should call my special sock, when I buy HIM... :D
rosinacarley said:
Excuse me ... why not?

I think that kind of discrimination is outlawed by the EU

Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives

No it isn't. The Human Rights Act holds sway over EU jurisprudence. It's about protecting morals. The morals of Priests, who might be corrupted (and sue for £50K), the morals of Juniors who still have squeeky voices and the morals of Lawyers who are seeking any excuse to litigate... :wink:

Andrew's own are, of course excluded Rosie, so you're OK. Incidentally, you can tell us all about you names for your rabbits and their different (furry) textures... if you like. Don't worry Rosie, I'm the only one likely to throw up... :lol:
fishmiester said:
Quick straw poll - AaC, Ling, et all
Do you use your sock with your dinkle in it - as in a furry condom or are you a shoot n wipe man???

When I get to use one I'll have to wear it like a condom as I'm circumscribed - it shoots straight out!

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