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Whats your favourite dish?

janner said:
Train Smash, Shite on a raft or Babies heads hard to choose really. When did Pussers cooks become chefs ??

I think it was when Alphonso Jago got stuck in and started the first actual course for Chef's in HMS Drake , aka Jago's Mansion's , I do of course stand to be corrected , his uniform is in a glass cabinet in the cellar of the Wardroom in HMS Drake , I'ts a night club for RN Officers , or it was untill at least 1995 when I left the Andrew , I was'nt an Officer by the way , :roll: :roll: :twisted: the club was called Jago's
dondon said:
Seacat said:
What is a cheesy hammy eggy?

As for the other things mentioned here... I feel sick! :mrgreen:
Thought you were joking at first , might still be I suppose , but anyway , [toast ,ham ,cheese , egg ,] , in that order , piled on top of each other of course ,Nozzy will explain , anyway , wellcome Seacat :roll: :twisted:

Thanks Dondon. What an odd thing to ask? I've always told Seacat that the bulk cooked naval scran at Ganges was crap (which it was except when I was hungry - most of the time :) when it was really tasty) and we've never got beyond that to discuss the more edible stuff. I'll make him a cheesy hammy eggy sometime!

Seacat, if you're reading this, yes matelots really do like to microwave (or steam) babies heads (obviously bald) and serve them with vegetables. When you puncture the soft, cooked skull (which resembles suet after cooking) all the brown juices just ooze out... :lol:

Poor Seacat! :lol: :lol: :lol: I better be careful or he'll brief an MP to the effect that matelots were/are cannibals - that's not going to do the RN's reputation much good - we could end up getting abolished! 8O

I forgot to add to the above, I'm partial to Elephants' footprints smothered in brown sauce and the ubiquitous cheesy hammy eggy with Worcestershire sauce added to the egg and cheese mixture... yum yum! :D
found this on a link from my old school site:

Two slices of white bread
Two slices of good ham
Enough grated cheese of your choice to thickly cover two slices of bread
Two large eggs (Hen Grenades, cackleberrys)
Cooking oil
Margarine or butter

Toast the bread on both sides and then butter. Place one slice of ham on each slice of toast and cover thickly with grated cheese. Place the toast under the grill until the cheese is brown and melted.

While the cheese and toast is under the grill, heat cooking oil in a frying pan and fry two large eggs.

Remove toasted cheese from grill and immediately place one egg on each slice.

Serve hot with anything you damn well want.

For other culinary delights see:-
janner said:
When did Pussers cooks become chefs ??

During the 1960's from memory (failing though it may be) there were two branches to the culinary technicians. Both wore a branch badge which was a many pointed star, in the centre was either OC, for Officers Chef, or C for Cook. Has this now changed?
Gotta agree with everyone here, cheesy hammy eggy and babies heads but also not to be forgotten as mentioned earlier a good curry took some beating.
Joined at 16 years old and weighed 8st.8 lbs. Left 22 years later weighing 14st. 7lbs (don't even ask me the Metric equivelant) My point? All pussers grub did it for me. :lol:
Particularly though, Curry a'la Pusser. Shit on a raft, Cornbeef hash, steak pudding and Babbies heads. All with a side order of strong boiled cabbage, mash spuds and roast spuds.
Oh, I must mention my breakfast favourite, fresh bread rolls, hollowed out buttered and filled with beans. :p
To Janner
The cooks branch has changed just like every other branch in the RN. Cooks and caterers became one in 1994 and everyone at killick and below were called Chefs. PO and above became caterers. Now the branch will be taking in the stewards and if your chief and above you are now called catering services. There are no more officer cooks as its all general messing but you will be pleased to know we still have the star.
UncleAlbert said:
Got to be Figgie Duff and custard
and the best between meal snack

Carnation milk Sarnie

Yum Yum.

Fxxxxxxxg hell I'd forgotten about them ' remember me mum giving us them in the 50/60s ' god rest her soul ' can you still get I wonder '' drool drool :roll:

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