What's your favourite brand?

As if tattoos and body piercing were not enough the latest fashion is beyond belief, branding FFS

Body modification aficionados, bored with regular piercing and tattooing, are increasingly turning to an ancient practice more often associated with torture than decoration.

Branding, where super-heated metal is used to burn a design into a person's skin, has been hailed as a new trend in the UK — and Australian body artists say its popularity has increased here, too.

I was about to say Talisker; but then read the rest of the Thread.

What is wrong with people? Isn't being a member of the best tribe on the planet good enough for them?
Well I have forgotten what it was called inoculation/imunisation or whatever that we had on our left arm in the 40's that left a large white circle
In the 70's this was then done on the inner thigh to prevent scarring on the upper arm and unsightly
We arrived in the 90's and females were getting tattoo's (have they seen jacks arm after thirtyears an unsightly piece of art)
They then had better colours that now have faded just as Jacks blue ones did
Now they want branded, around the early 70's Jack had a fad of having the tattoo a circle on the ARRSE best beef aka cattle brand (how embarrasing is that now "best beef" the other was around the navel a circle stating "made in whatever town of birth"

Just this week the local tattoist had a queue (well four people waiting outside all female) awaiting getting branded FFS I caught my arm on the loaded soldering Iron and it nipped like hell for a week
No way am I going to put the cooker rings on full and have the @ sign branded on my ARRSE

I honestly do not know what is in the young ones minds these days and even more so the females
I have the fortune/mis-fortune to work among some six hundred of them and what they openly discuss to me, even a matelot would not mention to his oppo
I am not embarrased thirty years in the mob has cured that, but I must say shocked that a female would talk of such things to another female let alone an old Male like I
Have they no shame/embarrasment sence of decency? self worth?

Just off tho Haslar sat on the bloody steam iron

Jack McH
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