What's your favourite/best App?

Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by SONAR-BENDER, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. Lots of us will have got nice new shiny tablet type toys from the fat guy in red. Me? I bought the Android one I really wanted a few weeks ago to make sure I got what I wanted!

    Anyway, I spent some time loading free apps (Note - Apps, NOT Applets, as I hate Apple!). Obviously, Rum Ration and ARRSE were the first two, followed by Angry Birds!

    But my favourite one is 'The Night Sky' or something, where you point it at a 'star' and it tells you what it, and everything else you can see in the sky, is! We have been very fortunate here as we have been able to actually see the night sky the last few weeks, so I have had great fun with it.

    So, what is your best/favourite App?
  2. Mine would probably be.. 'AroundMe'. It's an app which is very fcuking useful! If you need a petrol station or a bank or anything else while your out, you'd just type that in on the app, and it will direct you to the nearest one. How nifty is that. It will even find the shitty little back shops. :)
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  3. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    How can you not like apple?!?!?

    Way too many good apps!
  4. In no particular order:

    • Google Currents - awesome way to keep up with news from a variety of different sites.
    • Flipboard - ditto!
    • Wifi analyzer
    • BBC iPlayer - now Flash free

    If you want a great old-style wargame then I can't recommend Operation Barbarossa (& the rest of the conflict series) highly enough.
  5. Google Sky Map? Definitely my favourite too :numberone:
  6. Yep, Google Sky Map - checked the name when I was plying with it last night!

    Jupiter is very bright just now don'tcha know!!
  7. How's Uranus?
  8. Stinging a bit actually - how'd you know?
  9. Got a few:Shazam - recognises any bit of music being playedThe Radio - clue is in the name, toggle through loads of radio stations and listen to any of themCan't remember the name of it, but have an app that allows me to dial 0800 numbers etc free of charge from my mobile.If you've got Sky + at home, they have apps that allow you to both watch Sky on your device (Sky +), and also set up recordings from your device if you're away from home.Games:Brain puzzle - clue is in the nameRuzzle - Great word game
  10. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer


    A really simple idea - use your own images to create postcards or greetings cards. They post them in UK, Europe, US and Oz so they get there quick and the cost is reasonable.
  11. In no particular order:-

    RumRation - for keeping in touch with whats going on

    BFPO - never know where I'm going to be next

    Camera + really useful app for editing pictures.
  12. Adblock - needs a rooted phone but blocks the android apps.
    Gmail - speaks for itself.
    BBC News.
    Marine Traffic - If you have a use for AIS feeds being displayed.
    Copilot navigation.
    Titanium back up.
    are a few I use fairly regularly.
  13. Drop box & tapatalk I find essential.
  14. Taptalk or boatie.
  15. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    My phone is so smart it does what the **** it likes. Twas fine until just over a week ago now it does whatever it and not what I want. But to answer the question: RR, FB and logo quiz, when they used to work!
  16. Has anyone mentioned Google music yet? I use it all the time on desktop, tablet and phone.

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  17. Tapatalk (I seem to have issues with the RR app), Nike running and live score addicts (instant updates and video highlights - great app)
  18. If you like star stuff then Star Walk is what you need. You can actually superimpose the celestial map upon the starry bodies and take a photo if you like.
  19. Slacker Radio. I listen to it through my Rocksteady XS speaker almost every morning. I have had the Plus subscription since getting my first BB (9800 Torch) just short of three years ago. It was a preloaded app back then. Unfortunately part of the benefits of their Plus service are lost on the Q10. I can not see what song is scheduled to play next, read song lyrics and cache selected stations into phone to play when signal is weak or nonexistent. Only benefit retained is no commercials and unlimited song skips.

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