What's your best 1.5 mile time?


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Hey guys - just wondered who was the best :thumright:

Do you think it's harder to run on a treadmill or easier?

I have checked through previous posts and this one seems to be fairly original - (aimed at NZ_Bootneck)


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It's piss easy to run on a treadmill. The surface is softer, there're no adverse conditions like wind or rain, the air is usually warmed and, frankly, you're more inclined to run further as icicles aren't forming on your dangly bits.


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Cool - that time was on a treadmill - I like to think I could do it faster but the max speed is 12 mph.

I always find the road mucb harder.
Got 9.07 Duirng my RNAC
Could have done better tho! I thought i had two laps left when i only had 1 only realised when my p.o told me that i was on my last lap and started sprinting!
For an 'A' grade on the run you need to get 8.15 or under on your PTI's, when I did mine it was the old BFT, 1.5mile warm up (That includes 17 heaves, 70+ press ups & 70+ sit ups prior to run).


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I'm currently at around the 9.20 mark for the 1.5mile run.

I road run Mondays, Fridays & Sundays and do 90mins 5-a-side on Wednesdays.

Mondays is my 'Mile & half day' which I do every week and Fridays and Sundays I run 4km, this makes no end of difference for my mile and half due to the shorter distance I can really push myself in the last 800m always gradually improving my time.

When I first started my schedule I was getting around 11min mark.


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Yeah, after running the Sunday I see how I feel on the Monday (usually alright) if not I end up doing the run the Tuesday, gives me that extra days rest. I may just go 2/3 days with gentle jogging then go for it just to see how it affects my overall time.
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