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What's you favourite "Jack" film?

Then another in the lighter mode, Norman Wisdom in the Bulldog Breed and a young uncredited Oliver Reed. Plus many a stalwart of British comedy of the time.
Cruel Sea is a classic. However,for a bit of light relief, Petticoat Pirates? Charlie Drake joins the WRENS and goes to sea! Simples!
We used to do a whole 'Cruel sea' night in the mess. It was a good laugh. We all got dressed in odd clothes and played drinking games.

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Ok. The Cruel sea by a nautical mile, with Das BOOT and "Above us the waves" joint second.

But here's a teaser - I believe that a film version of Alistair McClean's HMS Ulysses would have beaten the lot! Assuming it was made by a British Film Crew of course!!!

Funny how very few USN films have been mentioned. Do I detect a slght bias?
O.K. I'll fix that."Mr Roberts andAway all Boats"
Bought these in a set for the old man - enjoyable.

Hows about Captain 'Jack' Sparrow of the Black Pearl? :wink:

There is also one regularly being shown on SKY TCM, can't recall the name at the mo, but Sid James is your typical matelot (tickler tin, ribbon bow over the left eye and a distinct wave to the cap) doing the cook of the mess bit, in a fort of some sort somewhere, where they are trialling a new torpedo for midget boats.
Also has Gene Kelly as your American Techie Naval Orficer who finds the problem and sorts it !!

Must have been filmed in the mid/late 50s, some Frigate (F386) is shown doing a bit of body searching when a torpedo test goes wrong, but I can't find out who she is.
Sea Gulls over Serento?
I must disagree with Gook on the ending of Das Boot. What a result that was for the crabs, in the unlikely event of them hitting what were are aiming that they get to kill Germans and if they miss they get a lot of Gauloise smoking, garlic chewing French dockyard mateys - result! I'm only sorry they didn't turn it into a video game.

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