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What's you favourite "Jack" film?

"In which we serve", Friday September 7th, BBC 2 1040am.
"Sailor of the King" was sometimes called "Brown on Resolution".
My personal favourites - "Das Boot" and "The Cruel Sea".
Incidentally, Leslie Franks of the Amethyst lived in the next street to me in Guzz. His favourite expression was "You've heard of Mountbatten of Burma ? Well, you've just met Franks of the Amethyst." What a character !!
As an aside on 'In Which we Serve', I understand it was the shot of a (genuine) copy of the Daily Express with the headline 'No War This Year' floating in the water after Torrin had sunk that caused Beaverbrook to have his knife out for Mountbatten for ever afterward.

The film was shown at Dartmouth to Spoecial Entry cadets in their first week (Oh good-oh, a film show, tiny chance of a kip) in order to focus minds on what we might be getting into.

Age 11, Coward told my grandmother he wanted to be the most famous actor ever.
We all know that its the Cruel Sea.

You cant beat a bit of dressing up in the mess and getting wet whilst partying all night.

That gives me an idea for my last night onboard.

Haven’t read through all of the 18 pages on this topic so hope this film hasn’t been mentioned……
Jack Nicholson stars in a US Navy movie called 'The Last Detail' from the mid 70's he plays a salty hard b*st*rd called 'Badass' Budusky who is tasked with escorting a young Dennis Quaid to Naval Prison in Portmsouth, USA (submariners know the area) Him and his oppo decide to take him pissing up and shagging as he's going down for years (proper matelots!) before they hand him in. Without spoiling it too much it starts off with Jack Nicholson lying pissed in barracks, bottle of whisky in hand, in walks an AB who tells him that the Master At Arms wants to see him. He comes back with the immortal line 'Tell the Master At Arms to go and f**k himself' available on DVD for a few quid and well worth it.
"Petticoat Pirates "was filmed on HMS Grafton at Portland.I was P.O. Steward at the time. Charlie Drake was a great guy, when the other "stars" ate in the Wardroom Charlie had his scran sitting on the gash bin in the Wardroom galley. We fed him a couple of tots and filming was cancelled for that day!! We had 2 weeks of sailing from Portland at 0800 and returning to harbour at about 1800 with a ship full of bikini clad beauties sprawled all over the upper deck, boy, did we enjoy it. When the film was completed we were given a private showing at a cinema in Portland followed by a meal and free drinks. Our skipper later married one of the "starlets". (She had her meals in the Captain's cabin during filming). I wonder why?
In Which We Serve is great especially the end when you see the parade on collinggrads parade ground , the biggest parade ground at the time now only a postage stamp.
Blood said:
AN UNGENTLEMANLY ACT 'You Sir............Fcuk off!', fantastic...and not forgetting the argies telling the Governor to surrender. And the SM giving an equally frank response ' Fcuk off you spit bastards'

Thanks Bubbly_Rat didnt know that.

That is a great and largely unknown film. Another unkown film is "The Silent Enemy" about Buster Crabb diving off Gib in WWII. It has a great underwater knife fighting scene... and Sid James as a CPO!!

I still wish they would make a film about the WAFU's and Swordfish in "Taranto" and "The Channel Dash."
I distinctly remember reading a review of HMS ULYSSES far too long ago to recall - did it ever reach the silver screen ? With all the CGI available today, lack of suitable real ships should be no problem, and it's one helluva story - bit hard to put the new generation of English actors into the appropriate slots though ? Any suggestions ?
Has anyone ever seen a film called 'Remembrance'. Tells the story of a bunch of young Matelots on their last night ashore in Guz before sailing for the States. The film starred a young Tim Spall and John Altman and was made in, I think, 1981 by Channel 4 films. I remember seeing it in the Drake cinema in 1982 and although my memories of the plot are hazy I remember the Antelope being used as a location as well lots of action on the Strasse and other locations around Plymouth.

I've never heard or seen anything of it since. Anybody else remember it?

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