What's you favourite "Jack" film?

Val the Gal

Lantern Swinger
For f'sakes that headline had me convinced the children were in danger, Saville-style, and my heart sank. Since when did a heavy drinker and a portaloo attendant pretending he was a producer get labelled "debauchery"?! Definitely more innocent times.
The headline was the best (if somewhat misleading) bit. :winkrazz:

Just to add that my children bought me a boxed set of all 12 of Arthur Ransome's S&A books for my birthday a year or three ago because I enjoyed them so much as a boy.


Lantern Swinger
Cruel Sea is a classic. However,for a bit of light relief, Petticoat Pirates? Charlie Drake joins the WRENS and goes to sea! Simples!
We used to do a whole 'Cruel sea' night in the mess. It was a good laugh. We all got dressed in odd clothes and played drinking games.

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Ok. The Cruel sea by a nautical mile, with Das BOOT and "Above us the waves" joint second.

But here's a teaser - I believe that a film version of Alistair McClean's HMS Ulysses would have beaten the lot! Assuming it was made by a British Film Crew of course!!!

Funny how very few USN films have been mentioned. Do I detect a slght bias?
O.K. I'll fix that."Mr Roberts andAway all Boats"

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