What's you favourite "Jack" film?


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The Longest Day

Which shows exactly what the navy is for - running the taxi service to get the people who are going to finish the job into place :)
anyone out there remember" Seagulls over Sorrento" ?
Yep. with Ronald Shiner if I recall Correctly? Wasn't it shot in Phoenecia? (Spelling?) Malta is a long while ago!:-D

And that 'Last Detail' clip could almost be a mirror of the time I took an escort and prisoner from Faslane to Pompey DQ's... (Via the Smoke. We 'missed' the train on the way back! Had to get a later one! :-D)
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Have trawled through 6 pages so far but can't be arsed to do the lot. So Mutiny on the Bounty!
the Lawson version not Mad Max the Jew hater

"fifty lashes Mr. Christian"
The Cruel Sea (although the book is better) and Das Boot (just to see it from the other side).

Sailor of the King is a pretty good film; it features Jeffrey Hunter and is the one with the two alternative endings.

In Which We Serve - "there are two things I want...... a happy ship and an efficient ship!"

The Yangtze Incident; probably the best post-WWII story. Mostly filmed on the Orwell and Stour; just opposite HMS Ganges.

There is also "Petticoat Pirates" in which a group of Wrens steal a frigate to prove that they can be every bit as good as their male counterparts. As films go, it was made for laughs, but was nearly 30 years ahead of its time in terms of its premise!
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