What's you favourite "Jack" film?


Snorkers, good oh! Without a doubt "The Cruel Sea". Marvellous movie. I must have seen it a dozen times.

I once spent two weeks on a German ship "Westerwald" which was notable for the dullness of the exercise, but excellence of the quality cast of "characters" onboard.

One, Dietmar was an English bloke with a German parent and, unsurprisingly, excellent German. This ability was put to creative use by translating The Cruel Sea into Eng/man a hybrid language of English and German which led to some classic quotes:

"I'm the first Lieutenant around here, and don't you forget it" became:"Ich bin der erste Leutnant around here and nichts vergessen!"; and

"It's the war, the [email protected]@dy war" - "It's the Krieg, the verdammt Krieg"

Well it made us laugh anyway.

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the_matelot said:
You know why Master and Commander is such a good movie??

It's because there is no wrens at sea!!

Crawl back into that hole! The men were more gay than a Judy Garland film!


War Hero
"They were expendable" US Navy , but it's all boats innit. Sorry , but I get wood when the Higgins is up on the plane , Oerlikons and .50's going , and 6" Jap shells landing all around.

"Yahngtse incident" much stiff upperness

"Above us the waves" stirring stuff

....and Cockleshell Heroes of course :)


Herr_Doktor said:
How about a good U-Boot flick? Das Boot, one of the best ever.
A great film, all the better because it wasn't made in Hollywood and was actually made to be as realistic as possible, not just made to be a an entertaining 'story'. And what they end up with is an entertaining story because of the realisum. When will Hollywood learn that lesson?