What's you favourite "Jack" film?

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by le_jaq, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. Snorkers, good oh! Without a doubt "The Cruel Sea". Marvellous movie. I must have seen it a dozen times.

    I once spent two weeks on a German ship "Westerwald" which was notable for the dullness of the exercise, but excellence of the quality cast of "characters" onboard.

    One, Dietmar was an English bloke with a German parent and, unsurprisingly, excellent German. This ability was put to creative use by translating The Cruel Sea into Eng/man a hybrid language of English and German which led to some classic quotes:

    "I'm the first Lieutenant around here, and don't you forget it" became:"Ich bin der erste Leutnant around here and nichts vergessen!"; and

    "It's the war, the [email protected]@dy war" - "It's the Krieg, the verdammt Krieg"

    Well it made us laugh anyway.
  2. Yep, Cruel Sea takes it for me. "We bunkered at Grenock" couldn't get my home town's name right though.
  3. I have a liking for "In which we serve", absolute propaganda, but sterling stuff!!
  4. Can I be sad and say 'Master and Commander'. I think that is a tops film!
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  5. Def - in that case, Pirates of Caribbean... Orlando or Johnny? Opinions pls
  6. Aye all apart from the lesser of two weevils joke, that's poor!
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  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    You know why Master and Commander is such a good movie??

    It's because there is no wrens at sea!!
  8. How about a good U-Boot flick? Das Boot, one of the best ever.
  9. Crawl back into that hole! The men were more gay than a Judy Garland film!
  10. "They were expendable" US Navy , but it's all boats innit. Sorry , but I get wood when the Higgins is up on the plane , Oerlikons and .50's going , and 6" Jap shells landing all around.

    "Yahngtse incident" much stiff upperness

    "Above us the waves" stirring stuff

    ....and Cockleshell Heroes of course :)
  11. oh my god! was Judy Garland gay!

  12. A great film, all the better because it wasn't made in Hollywood and was actually made to be as realistic as possible, not just made to be a an entertaining 'story'. And what they end up with is an entertaining story because of the realisum. When will Hollywood learn that lesson?
  13. I second Das Boot. My grandad and his brother spent the war at sea against the Kreigsmarine, and there is always the typical underhand piratey merchant-ship-torpedoing U-boat-man stereotype in the back of the mind, so I think any film that can make you will them to live and feel sad at the Chiefs marriage falling apart just has to be worthy of a mention.

    Gutted at the ending though! All that time dodging the depth charges, finally make it off the bottom of the Med and limp back to the pens, all to die in an air raid! 8O And before they'd even got out of the base and done some young firm-breasted French peasant girls! :x
  14. Cruel Sea for me as well.
  15. I must disagree with Gook on the ending of Das Boot. What a result that was for the crabs, in the unlikely event of them hitting what were are aiming that they get to kill Germans and if they miss they get a lot of Gauloise smoking, garlic chewing French dockyard mateys - result! I'm only sorry they didn't turn it into a video game.

    Seriously, Das Boot is a first class film, fantastic sense of place and it generates real empathy. I enjoyed Downfall very much too, it shared the same sense of claustrophobia inside.
  16. Das Boot has to be the best Naval war film ever .I was made to watch it 10 tens by the killick of the fore ends on Repulse before he signed my part 3 book .
  17. No one for Carry on Jack then? :wink:
  18. Don't you think you've ruined the film for anyone who hasn't seen it yet and was going to see it on our recommendation? :roll:
  19. Oops. :(

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