What's with the new site design?

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Clouseau, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. It's pants.

    That's Pants with a capital Pah!
  2. Have I missed something here? What new design?

  3. Fcuk you talkin' about Willis?
  4. Sorry? In english pls?

    The site colour and design seems to have altered in the last week or so - or so it seems to me - used to use blue as the theme colour - now red. Different pictures too. Do they change regularly?
  5. Bonjour Monseiur Clouseau vous etes on the wrong bit of the site, vous etes on the RM bit. Changez votre preferences.
    Au revoir
  6. Ooo - er..... I blame Kato!

  7. That's better. Nice shade of calming blue.....
  8. Try adjusting the colour on your monitor. :roll:

  9. Site hasn't changed :lol: Unless you've been over on rearparty without telling us!
  10. Not a MW rate are you?

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