What's With the Avatars?

Val the Gal

Lantern Swinger
Right, that's Billy's dog and Granny's handsome self and I get references to Das Boot (one of the finest films ever made). Any chance anyone else will explain their's?(Already said mine was HMCS Oriole, most beautiful ship I ever got to sail.) No reason other than sheer curiosity. :cat:
Y'know them Soldier ants in Africa that destroy everything in their path when moving nest, well try to imagine what an alien ant might look like, tis also the name of a skiffle group.
Yep, mine is the cover of Das Boot 'cos I was (am?) a submariner and while on my first boat, the video of Das Boot was played all the time.

However Val, we do change them sometimes, for example Christmas and Remembrance Day.
Mine is Zippy, because Im loud, always claiming to be right and I am the best at everything (CINCNAGHOME gave me permission to say that last bit).

The avatar I have for 'Blood' might be considered inappropriate on some of these threads...
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Michael Palin's Sergeant Major from 'The meaning of life.' For the sometimes absurdity of the military life most of us have/are experienced/enduring.:bs:
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