whats to be done with chavs?!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by cornish_jan, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. these days chavs are becoming even more disrespectful and also violent! im 20years old an even im appauled with what is going on! i say bring back national service...my dad did it and before he did he was quite an unruly child..drinkin smokin n gettin in endless trouble with the police. after wards he was a changed man apparently (according to my mum haha) there are endless benefits if they do...it will help stop the deficit in MOD personel and will teach the buggers respect discipline etc and generally make society a better place....i think!

    whats everyone elses view?
  2. Those hunt people could use them instead of foxes during their New Year hunts. It would make for better "sport" and do the rest of us a favour in the process.
  3. right on! living in the country its quite common for me 2 see foxes and then the hunt galloping after them....would be hilarious 2 see chavs replacing the foxes!
  4. Although I hung up my blue suit several years ago, I do believe that re-introducing National Service would be wrong and that the full timers would strongly resent it. Or just how many chavs would you like on board your ship?
  5. Castrate the males and sterilise the females to stop them breeding.
    Or is that too Draconian?
  6. National Service is NOT the remedy. It's a waste of money too, which could be better deployed improving the pay or conditions of service of regulars, or better still paying pensions to all those regulars who are ineligible for pensions because they hung up their tiddly suit for the last time before 1974.


    Are you an Old Draconian or did you attend a less prestigious school? ;)

  7. No one wants to teach a bunch of reluctant chavs in how to take a bearing or even tell them the difference between port and starboard. The reason why the British armed forces are respected worldwide is that everyone (more or less) wants to be there! I'd happily use a chav for a man over board exercise though, especially in shark infested waters!
  8. Im 16 and having recently been jumped by the a couple of chavs think they should be sent to camps where military style dicipline should be enforced and get them to clean the streets and stuff at the same time. If they refuse there is always a stick.
  9. Is it legal to ram a stick of gelignite up their aarses and detonate them when in the presence of other chavs? o_O

  10. Tut tut, never heard of maritime polution? Also sharks are an endangered species, don't make matters worse :thumright:
  11. Nah, that's just about right for their ilk.
  12. Send them to Kenya?

  13. Lol i agree
    Bring back national service
    Get rid of the chavs!

    Or send them to military school like in America haha

    My dad allready thinks they have
    Considering my family is now like tri-service!
  14. Poor Chavs. There they innocently minding other people's business without their consent, and suddenly Topaz pops along and shoves them off into the US Military Academy system where they learn to be intolerant, conservative, Republican Christians and shoot old ladies.

    The best solution is Rod's. A pair of manual sheep shears and a couple of large ploddies to hold them down as the op is performed. Lop of offending toggle and dap iodine liberally on wound then dispatch into Blighty. Wait 70 years and hey presto.... no more chavs. Oh, if only it were so simple. Personally I think a one way ticket to the lovely Falkland Islands is in order, or better still maroon them on a largish iceberg, then tow it into warmer waters, hundreds of miles from land, and see what happens. Perhaps in the meantime they could be conscripted as deck hands on HM Submarines! :twisted:

  15. Haha
    Im sure your idea was much worse! :p
  16. Easy - anyone with an ASBO should be forced to wear a dayglo pink jump suit and sweep streets, clean off graffitti, clean public latrines, collect litter on the side of motorways, and any other sh*tty little jobs that society needs to be done.

    Pity that stocks are no longer used too!
  17. Noooooooooooooo... NOT PINK!

    Lead weights padlocked round their ankles, them get them (dressed in Polaris black) to circumnavigate a submarine without holding on to the keel! :biggrin: Keel hauling with a difference!
  18. Exactly!
    I seriously think that they should do that!
    I mean theres jobs to be done so why not make the sum bags do it! :D
  19. Export them to Poland to make up for their losses in people moving to the UK...[​IMG][​IMG]

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