What's this crap by Tiger Woods.

He is refusing to talk to the police and reckons it was just a little accident.

My personal view is he had a row with his wife and he stormed out and she chased after him with a golf club.

When a car accident happens and you hear it, why would you pick up a golf club and run out of the house?
He was driving and she is supposed to have saved him. If he was in the drivers seat, why did she smash the rear window?

Fcukin cobblers, she either hurled the club at him as he was driving away, (maybe it was that made him hit the hydrant), or she caught him at the gate and hurled the club at him.

Why did he reverse and hit the tree, maybe he tried to run her down.
he has just made a "statement" nothing sordid, just hit a fire hydrant and then a tree Officer!!! Anything else of course is pure journo crap.................Yeh right!
Even tho we have now lived here 11 years, we are still feckin amazed at what some see as a priority and what to us is unbelievable. Tigers story was No 2 last night after yet more shootings/killings and b4 Afghan/Iran/Iraq etc etc.
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