Whats the worst place you've stayed in????

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Daktari, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Well I stayed at my mates Jeffs once, it stank of shit, the loo didnt flush and the water in there was brown. There was litter and food on the floor(it covered the entire floor) and no doors. A dead Rat in the cuboard, and the place was going to condemned due to enviromental health.
    Only stayed over because we were all shattered from trying to tidy the place so he didnt lose the house and at about 10 at night I was so tired I feel asleep in what should of been a chair but was so dirty it could of just been a pile of rubbish.

    Does that count? lol
  2. Unst on the Shetland Islands during a crew change by chopper canceled due to fog.
    "The dark side of the moon". 8O
  3. Hotel Suva, Fiji. The only place I've seen the lads coming back to sleep on board after fighting a losing battle with the rats and cockroaches!
  4. The Stag at Windermere, mingin
  5. MAW/Adventure training accomodation at Kinlochlevan, Scotland. Damp, peeling paint, cracked lino/missing chunks of same, showers out of the ark and a galley that would have been familiar to a ship's cook of Nelson's Fleet.
    Still the Working Mens club for the staff of the Aluminium smelter was always most welcoming and toppers with impressionable young fanny, the number of 18/19 year old helicopter pilots and Underwater Knifefighting Instructors was incredible. :D
  6. Had to overnight on the Rangateera in Port Stanley when the Crabs said our gozomybird was broke and wouldn't be leaving until the morning.
    It was Pongo accomodation and they'd made it into a true midden.
  7. I'd deffinatly agree with ypu on that one.
  8. Me and the missus had a couple of nights in the "Fleet club" in Guzz last August....dead and minging...never again... :(
  9. Whilst at Whitehall in '91 I went out on a watch run ashore and ended up in a gaff in Forest Hill, south London. Even the rats went around in pairs and carried machetes. It looked bad at night, pissed up and needing sleep. The morning view made my stomach turn and I do not know how the lads whose gaff it was stayed there all the time.

    Scrubbed myself for about an hour whilst in the shower back at Whitehall before going on the 2nd day watch.
  10. The Ritz in Hong Kong.
    The Peninsula is far superior :p
  11. Guards van,got in to it in pitch dark wet night and slept soundly in the deep pile of coal dust from the brazier.Yer classic gollywog next morn.
  12. Garelochhead camp in the mid 70s.

    Nissen huts, concrete floor, cast iron stove, but nothing to burn in it, unless you coudl steal something.

    Being Feb didnt help.

    Happy days.
  13. The transit mess in Faslane and Bosnia (Boyle) block are good contenders, brown water in the sinks, no heating apart from steam leaks in the corridors and ripping the curtains down for blankets 'cos the duty SA only opened the bedding store for a nanosecond in the evening.
  14. Mrs Farrel's, San Diego Rd, Turktown. Like a bloody prison and I'm sure she had shares in the Co-op. Err, I don't believe I wrote that last bit. Anyway, she definitely had some special deal on baked beans.
  15. Yep - been there as well! What a dump!
  16. Does anyone remember Ma"s at Brighton??
  17. I've stayed in the odd rough place over the years but the worst has to be the only hotel in Uitenhage (outside Port Elizabeth) which was the absolute pits. It stank of piss and spew and seemed to be the weekend get drunk out of your skull for the local afrikaners (no blacks allowed in in those days). Going back to PE for the first time in 25 years this summer so might drive up to see if it is still there.
  18. My house!!....it's a dump..I need help, my cat even craps outside!! :cry: :lol:
  19. Ditto.

    I was there this New year and the aluminium plant is now an indoor ice climbing/rock climbing centre. It has a lovely bar upstairs and a community feel.

    The MOD have now bought a new accomodation block in the town for the use of which looks muchos better.

    Worst place i've been to. Growing up amoungst alchies who didnt bother getting up for a piss so the carpets had a life of their own and were moist to say the least when walked on.

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