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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Red_man, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. Joining as ET(ME) on 9th Nov and have some quick queries ladies and gents.

    Can you live off base during training at Sultan?

    Have all necessary qualifications to take a punt at engineering officer. How quickly I am I likely to be considered for an AIB?

    Can you leave at weekends should I make it to BRNC?

    If you're out there in computer land Ninja you'll know.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    It depends on your circumstances. People who already live with their family or spouse local to Sultan before they join may request permission to be "resident ashore", however it's by no means guaranteed. In most cases you are expected to live onboard until completion of phase two training.

    You may apply for AIB as early as you wish, but usually after completing phase two. It begs the question why you didn't consider a dual application before opting to join as a rating, but if you are only academically qualified for UY after you have joined (ie insufficient UCAS points otherwise), it would normally be on completion of your first sea draft, assuming you are recommended.

    You are granted weekend leave at BRNC subject to course curriculum and after a set "no leave" period of training has been completed if you join directly as an officer. Normal weekend leave is granted (obviously duties permitting) if you join BRNC as UY.

    Good luck.
  3. Hi,

    Really just to back up everything Ninja has said.

    During phase 2 training they do prefer you to stay on base, mainly due to this being part of the team building process and the fact that you will have further studying to be done in the evenings.

    BRNC time off and chance's of taking a commission are as Ninja said


    Neil - Supermario
  4. Thanks Ninja. Have engineering degree but wanted to join up as rating because I want to be in even if officer doesn't work out.
  5. You will find most of the time you will want to stay with your new found oppo's and stay on the base / go on the pop with them at weekends.
  6. The reason I ask about the time off is that I have a long term girlfriend who I will be looking to live with in pompey area. Looks I like I'll stick to seeing her weekends during training.
  7. Leave the weekend girlie for the weekends. During the week get down to emma's
  8. When i was in phase 2 (at collingwood) there was a lad who could spit from the camp from his house and he was not allowed to live at home. Its only around 4 months which is nothing in the grand scheme if she is serious.
  9. You definitely allowed to spend weekends away though? I realise this sounds panicky but she's on my back for answers.
  10. When you are not duty. I think at collingwood you were duty weekend one in 6. But if you can afford it there are normally skint people who are willing to do your duty for you at a price.
  11. Thanks for all the answers. Added up I may not be able to live with her day to day at any stage in training then. But ho hum. By then maybe we won't be laughed out of the bank if we ask for a mortgage!
  12. If your a first time buyer its worth looking in to the key worker scheme. I know several matelots who have flats in gunwharf queys.
    But you might not even get a pompey draft so theres no point getting a house until you have a draft any way.
  13. Mancitymick wrote.....
    'Leave the weekend girlie for the weekends. During the week get down to emma's'
    EMMA'S ?!....OMGG.....you sure your name's not 'Mankymick' lol, cos it will be after a trip to that dive. What a sh*thole.I walked in there once looking for a job as a barmaid and walked right oot agin.Good luck with that one.
  14. I've heard Emma's no longer exsists :dontknow:
  15. As far as im aware it still exists (as of about three weeks ago...)

    Still a dive....but a dive thats had a refit!
  16. That's alright then lol
  17. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Red man,
    save yourself the time and worry, f*** off and join the post office.
  18. Steady on. I'm just as committed as anyone else to being a long serving, successful sailor.I can't wait to get started. Just clearing up a few loose ends.
  19. And the problem is!!! Nothing better than a dive in my eyes

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