Whats the royal navy really like

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Morty, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. I am thinking of joining the Navy as a weapons eng, but whats the navy like, how many months are you at sea whats a normal days working hours do you have to exercise every day, are you on the ship all the time, and how are the navy guys n galls treated thanks
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  3. Ok thanks
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    Welcome to the site.

    Doubtless you will be inundated with a veritable tsunami of helpful advice, but a good way of gaining an insight is to visit your AFCO for a presentation: 08456 07 55 55

    Good luck
  5. weapon engineers spend a lot of their time on watch and off watch, doing their make up,hair etc.In between that they request inboard help to fix any defects.
  6. average deployment time of about 6 months but could be more could be less.
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  8. thanks jimmy
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    I learned from the best, RR... :thumbleft:

    (I was tempted to exploit my Mod status and edit/delete your post but I couldn't be arsed..!) :lol:
  15. A typical day at sea in the Navy for a Weapons Engineer will roughly follow this pattern.

    0930 - Arise from your pit and stow the 'middle watchkeeper, do not disturb' sign that has been attached to your curtains.
    1000 - Stand Easy (Tea break).
    1030 - Go to your section, change a few fuses, open a circuit cupboard so it looks like you are busy, it often helps to take the fuses out of a vital piece of equipment like a navigational radar or something. After a few hours/days of the skipper getting really stressed put the fuses back in and everyone will think you are a hero for fixing it.
    1130 - Go to watchkeepers scran.
    1200 - Power hour in your rack.
    1300 - Go back to your section and make things from Harry Black Maskers, I made a full size Mini out of it once, it didn't drive though, probably because it had no engine.
    1500 - Stand Easy again.
    1530 - Go and sit down the mess, watch a film perhaps, if anyone asks you why you are there say you are 'taskbook training,' for added effect it helps to actually have your task book with you at the time.
    1600 - Mess Chefs, other people seem to use this time for cleaning, I suggest you hide.
    1700 - Go to watchkeepers scran.
    1730 - Go to the Naafi, get some snacks.
    1800 - Get amongst the fridge and drink a lot more than your daily allowance of 3 tins, preferably while a film is on.
    2300 - Go to bed.
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    The Navy is all rum, bum and baccy. Part of your entrance exam is drinking, whoring and how quickly you can eat a chicken from your fist.
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  19. sounds good to me!!!!

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