Whats the RN equivalent of NCIS?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Jayhawk, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Seemed to recall watching a BBC documentary about early 90s, late 80s on RN investigators, forgot what they were called, but imagine they be the equivalent of the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service?

    The documentary followed an investigation into a sailor's sexuality', at the time when being the other side of the street wasn't allowed in HM Forces. Quite funny, they looked through his letters and kept asking him "have you got a girlfriend? Who are these letters from?" etc etc and he was quite quiet and shy. In the end they gathered enough evidence to hang him however as he had a good record, the ship's CO had a chat with him and gave him an honorable discharge.

    Other cases they looked at was theft etc, but like I said I can't remember the documentary as it was so long. ago.

    Question is what is the equivalent of the NCIS over here or the equivalent of the RMP SIB?
  2. You answered your own question there.
  3. SgtPepperband will be along shortly to read you your rights.
  4. The program was called Navy Blues. I remember as there was a LSA being investigated for selling a diving watch to the Canman on the Fearless. I was on there at the time
  5. SIB, navy regs serve in it as well as Army redcaps

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