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whats the reality of it ?


Looking at carear change....have thought alot about military service in particular the navy. I would be interested in the RM bar for two things, i'm 29, and although medicly sound, my knee give me stick when i really push myself, i have had it MRI'd phiso everything nothing shows up. Anyway, i was wondering how much of navy life involves boredom, i despise being bored, i need fresh challenges and changing environments and a variety of tasks to perform, also the odd chance to scare the crap outof myself.

I have spoken to some Recruitment types and they say its all action and adventure and not a momment of dullness will enter my life again if i join the navy, alas being a bit wise in the world i recognise the scent of Bull shite, if its that great why do a lot of people i know who have been in quit after their minimum service?

I would be interested in being a navy diver, i'm an accomplished diver already and like the dives where i haveto do things e.g search and recovery wreck exploration over looking at the fish, though i am also interested in a few other areas, oceanographer/weather man as it states you spend quite a bit of time outside and i also have interest in weather patterns maps and such, also nursing for i take satisfaction in helping people and belive this would also give me good post navy qualifications, and would like to be one of the people who get involved when the navy helps out in disaster managment.

Please feel free to take the piss, but any advice will be greatly appreciated.


War Hero
A bit of a broad spectrum there fella, if you push yourself and your knee gives you jip now, realistically it will not survive commando training or clearance diving, the navy does pride itself on how physically demanding the clearance diving course is. A career in Survey Recording would be a better option, although you'll have to ask the recruiters if they are taking any on, a career as a Naval Nurse, well your age might count against that as you may well be 34 by the time you've qualified, and then you may have to do another 2 yrs to specialise as ITU/ED/Theatre which is what the Navy needs.


Lantern Swinger
The boring times will far exceed the exciting times. But then again if you want to be a weather forecasting marine that can nurse your clearance diving buddies back to health if they get the bends, then you are unlikely to get too bored.


i shall enlighten on my knee a little.... best time for 23 mile fell run in the peaks 5:57 affect on my knee, limped like a bastard for 2 days, spent 9 weeks in the mountains of central america, carrying winy volunteers packs as well as my own and on occasion winy volunteers, result limped like a bastard for a couple of days, my current trade is in forestry and arb, as a tree climber, i haul my ass around trees all day getting knocked about and then have to hand ball a fair amount of timber result is i stick some ice on my knee if its a paticualr hard day. i run 1 mile in 6 minutes, result on my knee none. i have done over 60 dives in the last two years and not all in nice tropical waters, never one ounce of knee trouble... shuttle long as i can turn on my left--- I know the RM training is tough hence why i' not entertaining the idea of joining the RM. The areas i listed are broad, but my reasons for each are different, i dont wish to do all of them, jack of all master of none. These are areas i looked at on the web and such that caught my eye for what ever reasons and i am taking time to decide, also like people have said due to goverment cuts etc the chances of me getting what i want maybe slim. there is a thought, though i would have to sign up first to be elligable to go on the training right?


Lantern Swinger
Someone told me your selected for STC at birth?

As for your knee, if you can pass the required fitness standards, even if you do end up grin and bearing it, there shouldn't be a problem should there? If you can run 1 mile in 6 min, you should be able to run the 1.5 at around 10min if not under it?


Lantern Swinger
Okay we are all suitably impressed with your life thus far. If you are having difficulty with your knees now then starting a career that will be physically demanding at the beginning, and will in future require you to go up and down ladders, may not be the wisest move. But then I think you already know that.


direct??? crazy... though i will ask the Recruitment Office about it.
Is there any more info on STC to be found on the web...there aint much and most of it i know from mates who were in the Marines or Navy themselves and from whati read on this website.


War Hero
Please feel free to take the piss,

Ooh, ta.

Looking at carear change....

English teacher, perhaps?

I have spoken to some Recruitment types and they say its all action and adventure and not a momment of dullness will enter my life again if i join the navy, alas being a bit wise in the world i recognise the scent of Bull shite, if its that great why do a lot of people i know who have been in quit after their minimum service?

Concur with regard the scent. There are currently more applicants than available jobs, so the Bull tends to emanate from those who have not yet ventured into an AFCO. The job has many more dull moments than exciting ones & the average Rating serves around 6 years.
I would be interested in being a navy diver,

So are 2+ years worth of other interested applicants at present unfortunately, with a maximum age upon entry of 32.

Best of luck in your aspirations.
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... 29?

Mmmm....... Is it just me or are some folk having their mid-life crises earlier these days?

Puzzled of Portsmiff :slow:


no mid life crisis mate, i have reached a point in my current job where i have done all i set out to do, so rather than just plod on with it i'm looking at something else, working the same job for 50 years is ok for some and i dont knock it, but i enjoy new things, environments and challenges. I have proper interview lined up in a couple of weeks in Lincoln, so i guess i'll find out more there, and if the Navy isnt desperate for folks then i'm thinking they wont say shit like to my mate who signed up for the green jackets, the army recruiter told him, oh you play lots of footballm well in the army you can play lots of football, (truth) infact if you are as good as you say you are then you could be a fulltime football player for the army (hmmmm.....) perhaps there are some cases like this, but they would have been better telling him bring your bucket and spade and some sunblock - mind you saying that after his first tour he still loves it.

As for the diving, i'll disscuss it more at the interview, but i'm thinking there is a chance that being an already qualified divemaster (though only with PADI) with some mine (as in old coal mines) and cave diving experience then maybe that might help.

As for the boring bits, i dont mind doing boring jobs as longs as there is lots to do, by being bored i mean being on a shift with nothing to do. which i guess there is, and if there isnt as always there is pleanty of work for the willing.


angrydoc you are right on that, my plan is to keep quiet about it see how it holds up, if my knee gives up at least i have given it a shot, but like i say i can run, climb and stuff fine, its only when it gets really tough that it starts to play up but never to a point where i have dropped out of anything, judt eased off.
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