what's the problem with students ????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by golden_rivet, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. I'm constantly irritated by people who slag off students and curious as to why it is such a popular pastime. The chap I'm seeing does it regularly (he doesn't have a degree) and it crops up everywhere and Rum Ration is no exception. Wind-ups aside any topic of humour is obviously fair game and I'm all for that. I was a mature student for 7 years not very long ago getting another p/t degree and an MA and since then have had 4 jobs in universities and the students I see aren't really recognisable in the popular stereotype. Sure like all young (or even not so young) people they can be irritating, they drink too much at times, wear daft clothes and take courses which we may despise as 'mickey mouse' degrees. The latter is hardly their fault more the fault of their parents generation who designed the courses and who were taken in by the Thatcher govt. turning education into a commodity (therefore you can charge for it) rather than it being a right.

    So how come chaps? Surely slagging off students as lazy and feckless is as bad as the ignorance that leads to civilians saying that as soldiers sign up to kill and be killed we shouldn't make a fuss over the ones that get killed?

    They aren't a disputatious lot either these days not like in the 60s and 70s when they were all out protesting at the drop of a hat. There's nothing funny about starting life with £10K plus worth of debt believe me. In only a very few professions will salaries enable students to pay off the debt quickly.

    Every generaton has a problem with it's youth and its hilarious as we were all daft and young once. At least the ones who are studying are going out and studying are making an effort to better their lot in life and not hanging around on street corners.
  2. I worked at a Uni for 20 years on the plumbing side.....EVERY night duty plumber called out to broken glass and the culprits always got away with it.

    Apart from murder, rape and assault they got away with just about anything....plod had to REQUEST to come on campus.
    Students ? oh yeah :evil:
  3. I've seem it from both sides R.M et al from the age of 17 and i went on to do a degree at the age of 26. I agree that it isn't nice coming out of university with 10k+ but my perspective it was worth me going and doing it as i'm now financially comfortable. However, students by and large are a bunch of lazy buggers which i think is due to the lack of workload put on them by the courses they are on. E.G 2-3 lectures a week that last a couple of hours!! in the meantime it's get pissed and annoy the local population (Many of whom are probably ex servicemen-hence the stereotypes)
  4. I have no problem with students, just their attitudes when they finish their course with a Micky mouse degree that means [email protected] all.
    They expect to be able to walk into highly paid work just because of this piece of paper.
    They then complain about how much debt they have incurred to get this worthless qualification.

    These Micky mouse degrees should by law contain a Wealth Warning. they should state that in thee/four years to completion the holder will be in debt and hold a worthless chunk of paper. Many of these degree holders are just delaying finding employment and would have been far better off leaving school at 16 and starting a modern apprenticeship.

    Its my belief that any degree which is required by employers and will lead to a real job on completion should be fully funded by the government.
    Any other degree should be fully funded by the student.
    Lets stop turning out degree holding morons
  5. like I said that's the fault of their parents generation ... and the governments who changed the face of education in this country
  6. come on Stirling - don't tell me the guys on this site don't ever get drunk and break something - must be members of some armed force on another planet then

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Yes but its the student who is responsible for choosing which degree he/she reads for, or in the case of many perhaps just look at picture books.
    Its time for young (and not so young) student s to take responsibility for the choice of degree they chose.
    Crap degree = crap job
    quality degree = quality employment prospects
  8. You just said worse stereotypes about young students than anyone else did!

    Personally i have nothing against students, i was a college student for longer than was sensible. What i don't like (not that it makes a difference) is the emphasis put on kids to go to university before they can really know what life is like. They have no skills other than having had a part time job in ASDA and knowing how to put an essay together. Decent jobs like being a plumber or sparky are looked down upon, no-one wants to be a bin man or truck driver, yet all of these people keep the country running. We need more manual skills lessons for kids, and need to stop schools judging success on how many university students they churn out.
  9. well at the risk of sounding like a broken record how is any of this the fault of the individual student???????
  11. The individual student had the choice to go to university or not. Depending on their individual academic standard, will depend on the course that they will be eligible to take. many are so thick that they should not be at university in the first place and would be better employed studying remedial maths and English. But no they have to go to Uni because all their thick mates are going. So they take the easy option, end up in debt with worthless degrees.
    They chose it they must live with it.
    Let them be responsible for their own choices, or am I being politically incorrect in these modern times?
  12. Didn't say it was, did i?

    Although it's expected that they'll go to university, it's not too far fetched for an 18 year old to realise that, unless they have a specific career goal, it might be useful to pick up some working life skills.

  13. 20 years eh? sounds like you could have had a much worse job than that. Perhaps you liked it to stay so long? Ironically I've always got on really well with the electricians and odd job men in the places I've worked, they were sort of like Dads or Uncles ...
  14. Did you sit on their knee and get a werthers original from them?? Eh Eh Nudge nudge :wink: :wink:

  15. I would have been happy to nutty - they were great blokes - and absolutley crucial to keeping the place going :lol:
  16. Oh ffs cut out your stereotyping and sweeping statements!

    I am a computer science student (not a mickey mouse subject) and a member of the RNR (so making myself useful).
    Round here it's the students who run local activities such as the boy scouts or girl guides; are these the same people who are pissed when not in lectures or have no regard for their local area?
    Yes there are excesses (in drinking for instance) from time to time but I'm sure you were all foolish like that once. More pertinent is the point that today's students have been brought up in a society which has had no visible police presence, thereby making unruly behaviour apparantely acceptable. This of course does not excuse such behaviour but it might help explain it.

    The vast majority of students I have met are perfectly sensible and know where they are going; have you considered that those doing "mickey mouse" subjects might be doing them for personal satisfaction, not for the career prospects?
    Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to defend every individual student, but I do think the seeming above generalisation of students as being constantly drunk and more or less useless is a little over the top.

    Part of the problem of undesireable student behaviour is that those students who behave as such have been pushed into going to university by today's society/government. It does not seem acceptable today that some people might simply not want to get a university education, or just not be capable.

    Try tripling the price of alcohol, putting police back on the streets, removing the drive to get more people to university and and you would notice a remarkable difference in society as a whole. It might restore the idea that you can have fun without being hammered, which is notably lacking.
  17. Well me old mate. You asked the question but seem to be getting rather upset with the answers you are receiving.
    I think that the replies you are receiving represent the views of many people who are paying taxes which are being wasted on students. Remember many students still get grants and the tuition fees do not fully cover the costs of running further education establishments.
  18. I disagree Slim. Where do you think all of the Social workers and Jobsworths come from ? Owners of Crap degree's of course :lol:

    RoofRat (Awaiting incoming from the trendy's) :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. Well me old mate. You asked the question but seem to be getting rather upset with the answers you are receiving.
    I think that the replies you are receiving represent the views of many people who are paying taxes which are being wasted on students. Remember many students still get grants and the tuition fees do not fully cover the costs of running further education establishments.[/quote]

    I like a good old barney as much as the next person :roll:

  20. I like a good old barney as much as the next person :roll:[/quote]

    Nicely put, it is making a good subject!

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