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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by thepercyboy, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. I was in the gym today at my beloved RMR detachment "pumping iron" and generally feeling quite please with myself. :strong:


    The olympic woman's weight lifting comes on the TV and some 5 feet feck all bird from china rocks up and lifts 135kg above her feckin head.

    SAKE!!! :shakefist:
  2. It's frightening really, how strong these small women are! I say women in the loosest sense of the word though, some of them look much to macho.


  3. The olympics is frightening in general, more often than not I find myself thinking "how?!" rather than "good effort". Like that lad micheal phelps, i'm quite sure he's not quite human.
  4. What about the Ukrainian girl, She failed 3 times then ran off the platform in tears and accidently head butted the wall. I felt sorry for her in between the hysterics! Cheerfulness in the face of adversity!!!!!
  5. It wasn't the Ukranian, it was the Russian. I nearly fell off my seat laughing when she walked into the corner of that wall, funniest thing I have seen in years.

    Here - have a watch - Warning, you will laugh your cocks off.


    It couldn't happen to a better country.

    P.S. Expand it to full screen, it's even funnier, well certainly a bigger laugh.
  6. My apologies.
  7. Ah well her lasting claim to fame willl be to appear regularly on 'A Question Of Sport ' like programmes. Sad really.
  8. Seen that. Our crewroom fell apart at that point. But, we all hung on from going back to work, just to see that midget lift "the world"!!

    Fcukin' 'ell
  9. Percyboy don't despair, you'd kick her [email protected]#$ on the Tarzan Assault course. :thumright:
  10. Damn was looking forward to watching that but the video has been removed due to third party *******.

    They are weightlifters in true sense of the word. They are only required one repetition, I'm sure plenty people on here could rip them apart on sets.

    But the question is, would you? Though it might mean your gay with the way some of them look.....
  11. Nah, i probably wouldn't, I never want to have to go near that thing again. :whew:
  12. Someone else has uploaded it, take a look now.


    There were loads of comments, like ha ha etc and 'has anyone sent it to the Kremlin yet'

    They are all being taken down, but being replaced as fast as they are disappearing so if it has gone, search for 'russian weightlifter
  13. Haha good one. Typical of a commie to head butt a wall.

    Gotta watch this video with Basement Jax 'Where's you head at' with replays of the head banging.

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