What's the point?


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After reading some so called 'news' articles, I thought we needed to have a pointless news thread. If you read something and you think "what's the point?", then you can share it with the rest of us.
Starter for 10. http://news.sky.com/story/warren-beatty-wants-more-answers-from-academy-over-oscars-gaffe-10786147

Good idea. The news values of those parts of the media which go banzai in reporting "stories" deserves ridicule. BBC TV's coverage of the Oscars cock-up was
completely OTT, and they certainly were not alone. Lead item in successive news broadcasts, but at the most the story really only justified a piece along the lines of: "And finally, embarrassment at the Oscars....."

Still quite fancy Faye Dunnaway, though.


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That's why, when asked if I would like my next draft to be the Royal Yacht, I pointed out that my sexual preferences were not compatible. I got drafted to Diesel Boats instead, a coincidence I'm sure
Indeed, nothing quite like the aroma of stale diesel oil of a morning.....With the possible exception of living on a mess deck above an FFO tank...:)