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What's the point?


War Hero
  • I suppose it depends if you're the one stood looking like a dick in front of millions?


War Hero
After reading some so called 'news' articles, I thought we needed to have a pointless news thread. If you read something and you think "what's the point?", then you can share it with the rest of us.
Starter for 10.

Good idea. The news values of those parts of the media which go banzai in reporting "stories" deserves ridicule. BBC TV's coverage of the Oscars cock-up was
completely OTT, and they certainly were not alone. Lead item in successive news broadcasts, but at the most the story really only justified a piece along the lines of: "And finally, embarrassment at the Oscars....."

Still quite fancy Faye Dunnaway, though.


Book Reviewer
That's why, when asked if I would like my next draft to be the Royal Yacht, I pointed out that my sexual preferences were not compatible. I got drafted to Diesel Boats instead, a coincidence I'm sure
Indeed, nothing quite like the aroma of stale diesel oil of a morning.....With the possible exception of living on a mess deck above an FFO tank...:)


War Hero

Any of you fisheads want to spin a dit of your RYB days? :D

"Remember, no wafu's on the royal yacht, doo dar":cool:
This Burrell chap has made a good living out of his ex employment with the royals?

Friend of ours was the Jimmy a couple of times, his miss hated the expense of the civvies they were told they had to wear but were given no allowance, most of crew were volunteer's he was not, but did not do him any arm retired as a senior Capt
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