Whats the most unusual (weird) present given?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Many years ago serving on Eagle in the far east, looking forward to getting home in time for Christmas, the conversation turned to presents. All was fairly normal except for one NAM(O) (who must remain nameless), turns out that he had bought what he described as the perfect girt for his granny, a Cheongsam and a flick knife.
    Any other weird presents either given or received?
  2. Hows about a baby who was to rule the world and was an Immaculate Conception!That pretty weird!
  3. not unusual, i'm sure it happens to everyone. but why oh why, do aunts still give you Y fronts for christmas, and if your lucky, a vest as well. WTF is that all about??????????
  4. Cos they know you look just so hot in Y fronts and a string vest OK, live with it.

  5. lookin' for the right person to give the ultimate present to ... my virginity ... just say no guys ...
  6. Whilst serving on Leeds Castle a couple of years ago the LSTD done his 6 months and extended for another 6. He got to fly home during the christmas period and bought his wifes gifts in chile. She is now the proud owner of a soup terrine. I am sure she was impressed.
  7. i got a soap on a rope, big box, inside was 12 foot of manilla 1" rope eye spliced so to go around head, on the end was bar of lux.
  8. ...interesting ... could you get the recipe for that ? :)
  9. Awwwww bless lovie its not a meal..... its the dish you put the meal in
  10. You mean like a tureen? the bowl thingie for soup?

    I must admit that I'd rather know how to make a terrine than how to make the dish it's made in.
  11. :lol: yup :lol:
  12. sorry Josie but he definitely wrote terrine ... which definitely is food ...

  13. Yes GR,,your rite that its about food but ,this taken frm my collage text book states

    "Terrine" An earhtenware dish used for cooking and sevrving pate

    I have lots of recipe books ,,so ask away if you think of somthing youd like to try :lol:
  14. As it happens, both you girlies are right.
  15. thanks ,,,,, lovie,,always helps to have extra brain cells :lol:
  16. Should worry when I glimpsed Terrine I though it was an abbreviation for Nectarine..I was momentarilyconfused until I read the rest of the thread....DOH!
  17. The most unusual and weird Chrissie prezzie would be a Bonus for serving personnel - especially when you see what the w*n*e*rs in the city are getting! And don't forget how our Booties got seen off!

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