What's the Most Mentally Stimulating Rating Role?


First up, thanks to the mods/admins for hosting the forum here; it's great to have such a resource at my disposal to trawl through!

I was wondering what people here would consider to be the most mentally stimulating role one could have when joining as a rating? I would like to apply as an officer, but just don't currently meet the academic/residency(?) requirements, and picked the wrong year to do A-levels as an independent candidate.

I'm currently 31 and have been working outside of the UK all my adult life. This whole pandemic has resulted in a lot of self-reflection, and I think I've reached saturation point in what I'm currently doing in life. Would love to join the RN to help channel my life experience and skills, confront new challenges, build up my discipline and fitness, see a bit more of the world, and walk away with some new qualifications and skills.

I'm just a little worried that I'd end up in a role which wouldn't be mentally satisfying enough for me, as if you give your word for 3-4 years, it's a long time!

In terms of skills: I have an equivalent to an MA in English language teaching, can speak 4 other languages to an intermediate level (Polish, Russian, French, Spanish), have experience in academic management, project management and teacher training, and also am developing experience in web development (database admin, automations, API, etc). Would love a role which helps move me more towards a tech direction in the future.

Thanks again :)

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With those qualifications youre certain to be Killick of the Mess. On top of your other language skills "obscene "would help.
The killick is the one standing up


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In a small effort to be more helpful than those in the cheap seats....

I fear that the most demanding roles will not be available to you, as you have not been resident in the UK for the minimum five years.

Anything cerebral usually involves have access to some pretty sensitive information. To gain that level of clearance requires the applicant to have a very robust, traceable, background. Not living or working in the UK "bothers" the gents in trilbury hats.

I would advise that you contact an AFCO, do the entry tests and see what they offer you.


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+1 for what Branch Hopper says.

I read this immediately after RF had posted and thought of a brilliant job/career with the Secret Squirrels, but pretty unlikely.


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Judging by the challenge the OP wishes. I would say they would be better off looking at MI5/6.

Don't reckon the mob would challenge anyone with the aspirations and qualifications stated.

Just an opinion not a fact!!

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