Whats the morale like on your outfit??

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by 801alltheway, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Just curious to know what the morale is like on your unit, we had a 2 hour meeting with our SMR yesterday about all the issues as to why we think the Navy is shit! is this happening at your unit too? or is it just our squadron?
  2. Mate, I've been in drip sessions like that virtually since I joined up. Jack's not happy unless he's dripping. Nothing changes.
  3. So 801, as per your post, what are your issues of why the RN is shit?
  4. Div meetings, every three months, opportunities for a damned good drip session, and ammunition for the corresponding session in the WR........

    Not that it ever changed much :)
  5. Here at NEPPE moral it tip top, make and mends every day, no duty watches, in fact other that wrist-watches no watches at all. Duty free, or near as damm it alcohol and fags at £18GBP a carton. Get a request form for a draft here ASAP.

  6. Well then I aint coming if there's nothing to drip about. How can you be happy with perfection? :thumright:
  7. Slim

    How about:

    "Its not right not everybody agrees with me all the time"

    "Why are all these illegal Rumanians, Morrocans, Puruvians, Columbians, Bolivians, etc. allowed to stay"

    "Why is it always sunny"

    Food for thought

  8. They're not stopping, they're just slowly making their way to the UK.
  9. Slim

    Let we assure you they are stopping as they all speak Spanish. We have far more Rumainians than you cos the Rumainian and Spanish language are very similar hence No1 spot for the central european Dids.


  10. Do you have a Spanish edition of "The Big Issue" for them to sell?
  11. Slim you are placing great faith in my ability to read Spanish

  12. Morale is low on our unit too. This may be due to the fact that we are ramping up for Herrick and the lads are bored with the lack of trips.
  13. Morale is excellent on the Ocean because I'm onboard !!!!
  14. BZ OG,

    These meetings originated in the 1960's.
    They were then called "Feedback meetings"
    Sounds as if they are as much use today as they were then!

  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    2BM, are you referring to the 2SL Liaison Team of a 2 1/2 + a CPO that went round the Fleet in ca. 1960? I seem to remember them coming out to the Med at that time. Can't remember all the conclusions but seem to recall that SRs had two drips - one was their No.6s that made the more portly look like a brass-buttoned bag pudding and the other, more serious, was that their pay ceiling was lower than a soldier's because of the lack of a Master (WO) Rate.
  16. Morale sucks where I am, but that's because I'm at Sultan and have been for over a year. Can't wait to get back out to the real Navy again!
  17. Drip, Drip, Drip ... someone please call a plumber.

    Nice legs by the way OG (if indeed they are yours).

  18. No, not the 2SL "team visit" specifically Seaweed. More the "divisional" meetings when all JRs were supposed to be able to air their views, which would then be passed up the chain in anticipation that an answer would eventually arrive by the same route - surprisingly they seldom did!

  19. The best outfit I was on when I was in the "andrew" was 826 Squadron, we worked up by going to the states in '81, then went down south in '82, the Boss was brilliant and this was fed right through the chain of command down to the lads on the "shop floor" who all acted responsibly and brillantly under some ong stressful periods. The camaraderie between officers, seniors rates and junior rates was formidable, I for one was proud to have served with them all, runs ashore, parties on board and family do's. Good luck to you all.
  20. Morale is pretty bad where I am. Everything has changed when the squadron transformed. We threw away 40 years worth of experience, in the way we put our people on frigates and destroyers. And now everything is in dis-array.
    Another change brought about by 'the good ideas club'

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