what's the latest on SAR?


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Does anyone know the latest info on the SAR take over and dates ect?
Thinking about what to put my preferences at the minute, how much longer is SAR with us for?
Read a few news stories ect but there all a good 6 months old....
Long term its basically going civvie.But if you have an interest,go for it.The military will always need SAR,plus you have a unique, marketable skill for when you leave the mob.
The National SAR contract is scheduled to commence sometime in 2017 by Bristows.

I'm getting an update/brief by the coastguard next month so may be able to glean some inside info then!!!


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Cheers guys!
I'm phase two wafu and pondering my draft. I live nr culdrose and want to be there.
Would be a great experience to go SAR even if for a short time. Fingers crossed I actually get it.
2017 is a fair ways off....

Any inside updates would be great thanks!

All the best

Andy, if you transferred to rating aircrew there are no guarantees you would get a SAR tour anyway.

That said, I speak from personal experience, being an aircrewman is in itself a worthwhile career, be it pinger, jungle or if lucky SAR. What you have to remember ALL naval helicopters are SAR capable and carry out the role whilst doing their other tasks. You could be pinging your little heart away then receive the call, 'Assume Rescue call sign" go to - do not collect £200 and pick up survivors from !!!! All part of the job.

Like SARKING says, the military are always a good start for civvy SAR units to trawl from.
Remember Andy there is a age limitation, 26 I believe. Don't leave it too late. I had two attempts before I passed. I was a NAM, old money AET. The advantage is that you are familiar with the aircraft - systems and theory of flight. Down side is, if you go pinger and you have seaman ASW specialists - they will piss all over you on sonar theory. Horses for courses.

Whatever you decide - good luck. One tip, you need to do all the running, don't expect help from anyone and if you want a job done - do it yourself.
SAR is ok however it's a lot of waiting around if you are one of the SAR watches. I did a draft in the 80's and I found it quite boring as you couldn't just pop off a brew up with your mates on another squadron. Stick to a traditional front liner and get on board and see the south western approaches! :)

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Well, got my draft through, seaking mk5 at culdrose :)
So that'll be 771 right? Well pleased with that!
So glad I can be a part of SAR before its sold off!
Does it matter wether its RN or RAF or Civvy, its the job and no doubt will be carried out by those who have the will and capability. Whoever they are, they deserve the thanks of all.


Isn't the FI SAR flight crab air?

It used to be in the 80's or has it changed hands?
I haven't been to the FI since 2005 but it was still 78 squadron then. I believe (and am ready to be corrected) that it's detachments from RAF Valley now?
Agree MLP, they were Crab SK's in 85. And a shit job they did too. I reported them via the skipper to SARO, UK for several serious infractions!!!! Drinking beer in flight, winching to the deck with the rescue strop not properly fitted and no safety brief to the passengers for a 1 hour plus sea transit.

Mega un-proffessional. Sorry Handler - but it does make a difference to me!
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