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At a motel bar in North Carolina, a tipsy Septic noticed my accent when I asked for a cold beer.

"Say, are you Australian?"

I sighed and told him I was British. He brightened and said:

"Say, do you know the difference between your wife a-hollerin' at the front door, and yor dawg a-barkin' at the back door?"

I politely said I didn't, and asked him what the difference was.

"When you let 'em both in, the dawg stops a-barkin' !"


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The funny was for the incorrect telling of the joke, not the joke itself. Although it is actually funny too.


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I came out of the pub last night and a Policewoman said I was staggering.
I thanked her and told her if she lost a couple of stones and did her hair better, she could look good too.
I hope the magistrates take this into account!!!


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On honeymoon with wifey 2 , we went to Levkas and on arrival the usual drop the bags and head for nearest bar , hatch at bar where you could be served if using outside seating....
'' 2 pints of lager please '' sez I to the barman , inside the bar was Essex man burnt red as a lobster and 3 sheets to the wind. On hearing my accent he burbled '' Ere...are you Inglish ''
'' Nope , am from Yorkshire ''

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