whats the difference? (randomness)

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by toejam, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. I was having an argument with some people about various question on whats the difference or what defies one thing to another?

    for example...

    What would be defied as a rock and a stone?

    And whats the difference between a biscuit and a cake (i know the answer to this so 5 points to first to get it right)

  2. Spot on! 5points to you!

    I dont know the one about the rock and a stone, i know a stonemason and even he doesnt know
  3. maybe its more a question of size... re the rock and stone,,,
    a stone is small maybe hand sized.. a rock much bigger..
    airs rock would not be so cool as aires stone...?????????????
  4. Let's just say that you probably wouldn't want to try and pass a kidney rock! o_O
  5. lol

    i know its obvious to say that stones are smaller that rocks but what is stone henge all about then?
  6. ok,,, getting deep here... maybe the difference with stone henge is....
    that was rocks.. carved... moved and placed in a order that we stil realy dont understand... so maybe mans interferance changes the way a thing is percieved....

    even the smallest grain of sand starts out as a monolith somewhere and time and forces wear it down.........
  7. oooh nice :plotting:

    probably best not bring up the subject of boulders
  8. well maybe boulders are on the journey from being a rock to becoming a stone....
    ok now im going to lay down for a while.............

    ok sooo then.. whats the difference between a rock and a hard place...
  9. an avalanche! :boogie:
  10. smart arrse......... :dance:
  11. Getting caught?
  12. whats a jaffa cake?
  13. its a cake and a ruddy good one at that!

    Interesting site by the way, how did you stumble upon that?

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