What's the difference between a M.P. and a crab

What a whinging mob MPs are.Did none of them read the job description before they put their name forward for election.Their benefits and expenses are way more generous than anywhere in private employment even today after it has been supposedly tightened up.If they are allowed to work Monday to Thursday they will want to knock off early to get back to their constituences so that will make it a three and half day week in parliament although it could be argued that what little of any use that comes out of parliament could be a achieved on a Monday forenoon.
The old saying "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen" was never truer than here.
If you look at all the empty seats during a lot of debates I thought they worked by Crab rules anyway (I realise they don't need to attend every debate but even so).
That's when Private Members Bills are introduced. Some chap on the radio tonight said they only do 13 Fridays a year anyway. If they get it will they also be allowed a vacation home on the taxpayer to go with their constituency home and their Westminster abode? After all they'll be in a bit of limbo with all that spare time on their hands. Anyway, the train drivers, nuclear plant operators, busmen, shopworkers deserve to be on a four day week too...oh, hang on...
Miss, miss, miss! I know, I know.

MP should be preceded by the indefinite article 'an' rather than 'a', whereas 'crab' should be preceded by the alternate indefinite article 'a'.

It just makes speech easier.


'What's the difference between a M.P. and a crab'

Perhaps we should institute a Palace of Westminster short-arm inspection to discover just how many MPs do not have crabs...:shock:
'Whats the difference between an MP and an IKEA bookcase'?

A screw in the wrong place and the whole cabinet falls apart...=|

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