what's the current situation regarding stokers?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Lawro87, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Hey Guy's. To any current stokers or recently ex-stokers. I've applied to be one, and just want to know the highs and lows before i get there, just so i know what I'm really in store for. I am looking forward to it and can't wait!

    Is it really shift work, is it true u don't see daylight. LOL?

    Any reply regarding this will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Are you handy with a shovel? :wink:

    Oh, and don't whatever you do ask about golden rivets...

  3. Situation with stokers is same as its always been. Stoker on top Steward underneath
  4. Well the PO stoker is still as irritating as usual, he has some truely vile habits that cannot be recounted in open fora.

    However his goodish points include an ability to fix computers, cars, boilers, plumbing generally, laminate floors, electricity, and outdoor xmas lights.

    His bad points that can be printed here include a complete lack of enthusiasm when it comes to personal hygiene and all male grooming related activities unless prodded with a very sharp stick, ladies footwear of all kinds, pretty undies, cats, anything pink and spangly, flowers for no reason, chocolate and sympathy when one is ill.

    You clearly have a long way to go until you reach his dizzying heights of stokerness. Does that help?
  5. Those are faults? :?
  6. Look Always, you are hardly qualified to be in this discussion being not a girl or married to a stoker!

    But if it helps I will explain - what is the point of paying £oodles for a new lacy bra and thong ensemble only to be told 'are they new dear? mmm not sure about the muffin top'
  7. If you really dislike the sun you could volunteer to be a sundodger chasing targets! :) The Submarine Service always welcome willing volunteers, and if you have the personal hygiene habits of the PO Stoker and dislike bull, it'll be just up your street, so I'm told. Of course as a lifelong civvy I don't really know anything about sailors' strange habits... :lol:

    If you're below just remember when the day's over there always the opportunity (in nice weather) to sun yourself on deck whilst writing letters to your partner describing how you are currently bravely fighting polar bears and Russian Spetznaz... Study a book of Tugg's cartoons - that'll give you a taste of what life could be like... :wink: :lol:
  8. I can asure you I would be far more appreciative if you showed them to me, properly filled that is.

    In fact I am sure that most here would say the same.

  9. Thank you Peter and before one of you smart arse matelot types makes any rude comments, I do not have a muffin top - that is the whole point!
  10. I can remember Muffin the Mule, does that help
  11. Wots a muffin top? :?

    I still can't see what's wrong with the PO Stoker. He sounds perfectly rational to me. A lacy number leaves little or nothing to the imagination, whereas overalls and shiny black boots... emmmmmmmmmmmm! I mean you can speculate what is being worn underneath them and what the wearer might look like underneath...

    Also I think blokes look a bit odd in flimsy, lacy things! Nothing personal mind, Rosie...

    However nothing beats a good beard... :D
  12. This bloke sent me a PM asking about stokers currently and I explained that as I left in 75 I could not give him any info and suggested he try posting on RR, so far he has had his post turned into one big joke :evil:
  13. Well so are stokers.
    Seriously he will get some information, he will jut have to sort the wheat from the chaff.
  14. I always thought those tops were the result of washing at too high a temperature! You mean women actually buy pre-shrunken tops deliberately? Most odd. I'd better return to cuckoocloudland before I start getting disorientated by reality! :oops: :lol: So then Rosie, you used to wear these pre-shrunken vest thingies did you... not that this has anything whatsoever to do with Stokers except their dress sense... Or in the case of Bram Stoker, his blood sense :lol:

    Lawro87, I think I ought to ask, having viewed your profile, if you have a well developed sense of humour, a robust ability to handle free speech and an ability to get on with all sorts of other people? If you can then go for it.
  15. Ha Ha, who would of thought a simple inquiry would turn it this. Thanks guys for the replies. Btw could anyone tell me whats the difference between being an artificer and a regular M.E Tech?
  16. "Lawro87, I think I ought to ask, having viewed your profile, if you have a well developed sense of humour, a robust ability to handle free speech and an ability to get on with all sorts of other people? If you can then go for it"

    Thnx Always a civvy. I think i habour these qualities a more. Peace
  17. Sorry Lawro, but this is RumRation :) Some of us are a bit strange and many of the regulars are imbued with a mischevous sense of (messdeck) humour and a strong belief in free speech.

    I'll leave the teccie stuff to one of our experts....

  18. An answer from an ex pomem(m) good points limers in hot weather (after dragging the doc and the caterer round the machinery compartments to proove it's not all air conditioned scc work and brilliant mess mates.Bad points dirty work, blocked sewage pipes,watching other branches go ashore as you're pulling on the shore cables.
    Difference between artificer and mech,an artificer learns engineering from a book,a mech learns from the flying pomem's wheelspanner!!! :wink:
  19. from wat i know if the like thing that turns shit and piss into clean water cloggs up and cant be fixed externally the most junior stocker has to go diving in the shit tank and fix it... was gettin told my an mem on the bulwalk about it..... hahah gutted....

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