What's the crack with the pay bands?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Sheffblade, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. I don't get the lower and higher pay bands. How do you know which one you would be in? For instance for the rank of marine pay is 17767-29357.....corporal is around 26-33
    How does this work
  2. Very, very simply (other factors ignored for the sake of brevity and to avoid confusion) You start at 1, every year you go up one.
  3. The higher and lower pay bands are a mystery though. It's all worked out on your particular job, what you do, what you're responsible for etc etc. it changes every year and is worked out by the AFPRB I believe.

    It was like that when I found it chief
  4. Not changed every year I don't think. The job assessments are done on a rolling process so I think it's about every 5 years or so.

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  5. Each branch has higher and lower level pay bands assigned to certain ranks.

    I.e. Specs are higher at LH, PO and WO. AB,CPO are lower.
  6. Pretty sure he means scales not bands being that it's corps related and looking at the figures he posted.
  7. Doh I meant scales as in higher and lower, as opposed to the bands (levels) I think I'm getting myself confused, so I'll wind my neck in.
  8. To be fair he did say bands.
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