whats the chance?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thewife, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. What are the chances?
    After lingering around this site for a few months I have plucked up the courage to ask a stupid question, but going to ask it anyway knowing you are all gentlemen and will be kind and answer honestly…..
    When you are on deployment what are the chances that the OH walks past the local whore house and resists the temptation of cheating on their devoted girlfriends / wives at home?
    Thank you for your kind replies x
  2. Evens. 50/50. 2to1. Take your pick.
    You'd have to give us a bit more info based on your O/H past history.
    Did he trap you in Joannas for example, if so he's a dead cert for dipping his wick in some putrid ho's back passage without a condom on. Divorce him now to avoid infection.
  3. The ones who don't use whores are being bummed by the stewards.
  4. never been to Joannas and don't come from pompey little more classy, i did trust my darling OH until i found this site. would rather him be bummed thanks ha x
    oh and we not married yet still working on trapping the poor sod
  5. Ask a matelot a silly question......................
  6. Better do it up the bum. Covers both bases then see?
  7. Classy you say, so you don't swallow?
  8. Epic. I think he should be more worried about you than the other way 'round.
  9. well he has nothing to worry about there, would never cheat on anyone, there are still people out there with morals
  10. Welcome to Rum Ration!

    Is this something about which you are particularly worried at the moment?
  11. Aye, indulging in sexual banter on the interweb always fosters a healthy respect and thoughts of fidelity.
  12. Her dripping :censored: is probably of more concern.
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Wishful thinking by the Pongo.....That should read ....

    "The ones who don't use whores are bumming the stewards"
  14. I think I would be the bummee if I was a poof. I do like a giant shit.
  15. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Name 'the wife',,,,,though not married yet ?.....I sense a wind up here ...haha
  16. He could have himself a deployment wife so worrying about the whore house is a minor concern! :)
  17. He may just do 'brass rubbings' in a local church??
  18. thewife,

    Hello and welcome. Having just posted on another thread the 'fear of consequences' it is worth adding that this sort of fear also applies to the temptations which are currently concerning you.

    Such temptations are complicated by many factors and an enthusiastic academic could probably devise and apply a complex formula or three.

    Suffice it to say that two significant constants in any such equation are likely to be alcohol and the forgivability threshold of the party likely to be most injured by such transgressions. ie You.

    Despite some of the 'stories' you may read at RR a certain knowledge of the latter has driven many of us to an excess of alcohol instead. :wink:


    PS Absence makes the parts grow fonder ... :slow:
  19. In trainspotter's voice: Yes, that's correct. Now, if you care to exam my calculations below you'll come up with the same obvious conclusion that I have. Hopefully this should ease your troubled mind.

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  20. I think there's something wrong with me. I had six days in Antwerp - a red light district to rival Amsterdam - and despite the extremely beautiful specimens on offer I didn't endulge. I've also had six months in and out of Bahrain with more ting tongs than you could shake a stick at and still I didn't weaken. I can also vouch for most (not all, but most) of the guys I was with during these trips. Being a reservist may have something to do with it???

    Sh*t - I must be a sausage jockey:pottytrain2:!!!

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