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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Judges hear claims UK intelligence used for drone strikes
    Uk targeted for suspected involvement in supplying intelligence to US for drone strikes.
    Why are our judiciary who look resplendent in their 17th century garb and wigs giving this even an airing, if the same was asked of the US authorities they'd be told to Foxtrot Oscar.
    Perhaps all membersbof the judiciary, lawyers, barristers, solicitors, should be sent to the worlds trouble spots to see how the majority of people exist under extreme turbulent conditions,
    in answer to the man whose relative was killed in a drone attack, it is a question of wrong place wrong time.
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  2. .

    Because our government believes in the Geneva Convention.

  3. Don't confuse 'believes in' with signed up to!

    We have been naughty boys too! It's not just the swastika crowd that broke a few treaties!
  4. What country does not ?

    If it's in national interests against someone who wants to kill us, absolutely.

    There are some leaders/groups who do not understand 'reason'.

    As for our judicial system......'tied hands' and 'club together to find a backbone' springs to mind.

    Most of our judges have lived very,very sheltered lives. Anglo-saxon old farts who 'Knowest not that they knowest nothing' instead of leaving it to the people on the ground.
  5. Perhaps the answer is to have a specific branch of the judiciary which has complete and absolute authority over all matters appertaining to the defence and security of this nation. Staffed by a couple of 3 badge old salts, 2 lower deck lawyers, and a couple of retired bods of flag rank. To ensure their even handed procedures all those elected would have t complete a five day acquaint course at Nelson. ( though this may over qualify them compared to the bunch of resident idiots who currently sit on such cases).
  6. Well there would appear to be a clear case for reasoning, ifyou live close to the hiding places of al-Qaeda and Taliban chiefs, move, go onholiday, dob them in , as they will have deliberately set up camp in the middleof civilians, in the hope they would not be chased, Wrong.
  7. Call the hands, call the hands, call the hands.
    Can you smell coffee?
  8. Coffee is it, well I thought is something the dog had left
  9. Apart from the obvious good treatment of civilians and POWs which should be tantamount to civilized people
    collateral damage is always going to occur.
    Good job Dresden didn't sue, that might have been expensive. Good job Nagasaki wasn't down to us or our money box would be real empty.
  10. Do not worry rummers our legal aid system will take of that.
  11. Because I am trying to avoid falling foul of the crayoning directive I will not respond frivolously in this thread.
  12. How many of those injured by the Taliban have tried to sue the Taliban? May be our legal system would like to help them in that direction of inquiries.
    We always seem to have to play by a set of rules that ties both hands behind our backs, and told to defend ourselves whilst being shot at, and someone complains when the accuracy does not suit them?
  13. I bet the Mau Mau rejoiced that this country went Liberal before they died.
    As the political wing of the Mau Mau gained power after the British withdraw, why don't the relatives of those hacked to death by that organisation sue the Kenyan Government?
    Is that not cricket?
  14. Or the very least, acting as a 'Veto' committee attache to the government in relation to any political decision that is wildly off the mark.

    Hell, maybe existing politicians could just , well....... listen to those risking their necks in the name of National Security ?
    Now, there's a novelty.=-\\\\\\\\
  15. I am struggling to see how this has ended up in the English courts.The US/CIA send a Drone which attacks a target and someones Father(allegedly an innocent bystander) gets killed in the collateral damage yet the relatives seek compensation in England because the UK Intelligence services may have provided information prior to the strike.I see no mention of a case being pursued in the Yank courts(I wonder why?) so this bloke is kite flying here in the hope that our soft as crap legal system will swallow his tale of woe.Should this succeed every man and his dog will be beating a path to our courts with similar stories and the legal eagles will be smacking their lips in anticipation.
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  16. Slight changes to R.O.E. are to be implemented from January 1st 2013:-

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  17. What Listen to those at the sharp end, that would mean they would be forced to see there is a real world out there and not the privileged cuckoo land they live in or just listen to anyone other than their own Bull Shit?
    Either way I cannot see that happening?

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