whats the £80 used for?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ElectroDreams, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Just curios as didn't it used to be £50?
  2. You may have to give a bit more info on that, but in Amsterdam it would give you a bloody good time!! :p
  3. hahahahaha!!!! :D :lol: :D :lol:
  4. During training, I understand some is used for laundry and a hair cut
  5. ElectroDreams is talking about the sum of money you are meant to take with you to HMS Raleigh when you start Basic Training.
  6. £80 is a bit steep to expect a 16 year old just out of school to have lying around?

    IMO a new joiner should be able to turn up at Raleigh with nothing but the clothes he stands in and have everything issued (including a haircut).
  7. Its for the Instructors Drug and Alcohol Boat.Could you train sprogs 24/7 all year without Drugs and booze?
  8. Well I've got 70 of it until Wed and I start tomorrow, hope I don't need it all straight away
  9. I'm sure if you don't have money for a haircut, they'll manage to get it off 'somehow'.

    Best to bring a little doe lol
  10. ElectroDreams

    You won't need all of it straightaway.
  11. Thats inflation for you
  12. *sigh* dixie

    It's not called "inflation" anymore. It's called "the economic stimulus package"....
  13. not sure why they tell you to bring that much. however in the first week its £5 for a haircut if you need one, and i think in week 3 we paid £22 to cover our laundry charges for the whole 9 weeks. apart from that you will be buying bits and pieces from the Naafi e.g. boot polish, toiletries, cleaning products, food and drink and also you get the chance to go to the pub if you pass the week 5 kit muster. which i have tomorrow :D !
  14. its a bit confusing on here :s so you pay for laundry but still have to hand wash and buy washing powder and things?
    £5 for a haircut when they just run a number 2 over you ? lol i paid £4 50 for a number 2 back and a cut on the top and sides what do they do, patterns or something ?
  15. If I were you I'd complain to my instructor, I'm sure he or she would be sympathetic.
  16. It seems Creddly has relatives Guzz. :)
  17. LAUNDRY CHARGES! in part one? I was issued with a bar of pussers hard.It's all too much I'm going down the pub.
  18. do what Im gonna do mate....shave me head with a number 1 before I go in then wont have to have a hair cut :)
  19. Why would you need to refuse to have a haircut if it's already short enough?

    Unless of course you have some sort of ulterior motive to see how you can thumb your nose at those in authority....if you start down that route, you won't get to the end of Phase one. :roll:
  20. Not at all :roll:

    I keep my hair at number 1 so it's nowt new to me. I just dont wanna pay when i can do just a good enough job myself and i'm a cheap skate lol

    Nothig to do with thumbing my nose :D

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